Gary Friedman is a fan of upcycling projects. When you are redesigning your home and choosing all of your fancy new furnishings why not do a bit of upcycling whilst you are at it. Mixing the old with the new is a great way to really showcase your home, your talents, your individuality and your creativity. Using old wooden items is a great start, the old materials that were used were strong, beautiful and expensive. Only the best materials were used.

Big brans are even doing their own upcycling and selling it on, why not look to them for inspiration. Some ideas are lamps made from spoons. Some of the boutiques are also creating items made from all of their leftover materials and the outcome is stunning. Upcycling is the new trend spurred on by the plastic struggle and the amount of waste we have, clothes going to landfill when there is nothing wrong with them other than we have gone off them.

Upcycling is the beginnings of creating a much less wasteful society and we are starting it at home. Upcycling is also so creative and interesting. You are thinking about an object and giving it a different purpose, a new meaning and a new lease of life. It will draw the interest of your friends and become a focal point when people come to your home. These objects may also hold memories for you. Your first bottle of wine for example, the object can tell a thousand stories.

Why not choose a piece of really beautiful furniture designed in a very old style and really funk it up. The juxtaposition between the old and new and the creativity you could incorporate would make this a very eye-catching piece for your home.

A new trend is making things from old crates, boxes, flowerpots. Taking items and giving them a whole new lease of life. This shows that you have a caring side and are reusing items to protect our environment, that we all need to start doing more of and it also creates a very bespoke and professional look.

Some places have even gone as far as decorating a space with old bicycles, umbrellas or even skateboards. This is more for a business space than a home though, but if any of these items have any significance to you, who knows what you could do.

So, there are some ideas you get you thinking about upcycling, hopefully some that have made you think out of the box or even about upcycling said box. If you are giving your home a makeover never underestimate the upcycling power in the twenty first century. It will also add some extra benefits to your home. You will have the passion and inspiration to create, your work will give you a sense of achievement. it will also make you look at things around you in a very different way especially in terms of waste and waste management and this is something we are all going to have to think about soon as we are putting more and more strain on our planet and its resources.