It’s no secret that the gym is a great place to work out. It has everything you need, from weights and cardio machines to classes for every goal. But with rising costs of membership and equipment, many people turn to DIY solutions like building their own garden gym at home. With some creativity and extra effort, it can be done! Here are some benefits of going green in your workout routine:

  • The cost savings are huge:

You save money on the membership as well as equipment such as weights, yoga mats, etc. You also save money on the gas it takes to drive to and from the gym. Additionally, you save on membership costs, which can be an ongoing expense.

  • The convenience is a huge perk: With your garden gym, you don’t have to worry about what you’re wearing or what the weather is like outside because it’s all in one place! You also save time by not having to drive to and from the gym. Finally, if you are working out at home with family members, they are there for moral support as well as spotters when needed!

  • The safety of your workout space is more secure:

At the home of someone who builds their own garden gyms, we know what type of equipment will be used so that there isn’t any loose wires or anything dangerous near where people might get hurt (or what could injure them). This eliminates many potential safety hazards.

  • There are various ways you can work out: You don’t have any limitations that come with what machines are available in your gym, so you’re able to get creative! Try barbell squats at home by placing some weights (or kettlebells!) on chairs next to an open space where you can safely do them. Or how about doing pushups against a wall? There’s no limitation here!

  • More time flexibility: If you work late, you can’t make it to the gym. However, if your workout is at home and what time of day doesn’t matter, then there’s no problem! You can work out at a time that’s more convenient for you. You can either work out in the morning, before work, or after coming home.

  • More privacy:

If you’re a private person, the gym might not be what’s best for you. You can work out without feeling like everyone is watching what you’re doing and what weights are on each side of the barbell in front of them! It will also be less distracting, and what you’re doing will be more focused.

  • Affordable: With convenience comes cost savings. Gym membership rates are expensive but investing in equipment for a garden gym will save money every year when compared to what you would be paying for membership at the gym. Besides, your family members can also use it when you’re not at home!

  • Better for the environment: You’ll be able to work out in a green space that helps clean what goes into your lungs and what comes out of your body. The plants will help purify the air, reduce carbon emissions from cars on busy city streets, and provide oxygen as they break down waste products – perfect for your workout recovery!

  • Build what you want: You can create a garden gym that suits your needs. If getting fit is the goal, then make sure to include enough cardio equipment like treadmills and bikes. For strength training, adding free weights with benches will provide what’s needed for sculpting lean muscle.

  • Provides an opportunity for family bonding: Working out together is a great way to spend time and bond as a family. The kids will learn what it takes to get healthy while you can work on your fitness goals in the meantime! If you have multiple members of the family, make sure to include a variety of equipment so everyone can participate in what they enjoy.

How to design your garden gym?

  • Hire professional services: You’ll find many great companies that will come and build your garden gym for you. Make sure to get the best out of your space with them as a one-time investment that will reap many benefits for you.

  • Find a level, flat area of ground:

The garden gym needs to be on a level, flat surface for the equipment. If you need some help leveling the ground, adding turf can work wonders and provide an excellent workout area!

  • Plan what equipment to include: Decide what you need and what your family members will use the most. You can also decide to mix it up with different pieces of equipment each time or have a few favorites that are used regularly.

  • Create an obstacle course to challenge your body: Make sure that you are challenging your body from every angle with different difficulty levels. Do what works for you and make it fun!

  • Leave room to grow: Remember, this is an outdoor gym, so be mindful that the area will need to accommodate changes in equipment as they come along over time. Leave some extra space around each piece of equipment.

  • Keep the obstacles at a safe distance: Ensure the obstacles are at least two feet away from any structures or trees to avoid any damage or injury. Also, pay attention to what needs to be trimmed or what will need to grow to accommodate the obstacles.

  • Keep it simple:

Keep your garden gym as basic as possible and keep what you need nearby, so there is less to lug around each time! If you have a little space, you may only want to have a few basic pieces like a pull-up bar, bench, and kettlebells.

  • Stick with what you need: You don’t necessarily need every piece of equipment that is available for your outdoor gym. Instead, focus on what you plan to use most often and what will be easiest for you to get in and out of your space.

  • Choose an area of the yard with plenty of sun exposure: Ensure your garden gym gets plenty of sunlight, so the vegetation stays healthy and strong.


Your backyard can be a great place to work out, and what’s better than the combination of working out in nature while saving money? You’ll have everything you need for your workout routine, plus it offers some other benefits like time-saving. Of course, it takes creativity, but when done right, it might just be worth all the hard work!