Travelling can be really exciting, but sometimes you can get caught up on all the planning, like choosing the best area or booking the plane ticket and the hotel, that you overlook the biggest and most important part  of your trip. What will you actually be doing there?

These are some generally-applied tips that can work for any situation. Through them your quality time will be guaranteed and you will leave knowing you made the most out of your trip.

First off, make sure you visit the local food shops or restaurants, to get a taste of their best cuisine. This step is primal, especially if you go to a foreign country, but even if not, every different area has different dishes or unique ways of preparing them. You will definitely not regret it, even if you are a picky eater- this is your chance to expand your horizons!

Still considering that you are going abroad, learning a few words or phrases in the language of the country you are visiting will be another worthy experience. Think about how impressed you are when someone foreign knows even the basic words in your language, like ”hello”, ”please”, ”sorry”, or ”thank you”. You will gain more respect from the locals, most likely be remembered, or even form friendships with them. Still, remember that if you can not make yourself understood, try miming instead or use a translation app– speaking louder won‘t help!

Don’t try to be different with the locations you want to visit. Hit up the main tourist attractions, after all, they are called like this for a reason. Don’t think of them as overstated, just give them a chance, and you will most likely not regret it. Even if they seem like just a basic casino, an old building or a pretty scenery, you might end up playing really fun, unique casino slots or experiencing the lifestyle of casino enthusiasts, learning more about history or finding your new favourite spot, that gave you the inspiration you needed. Of course, going off the beaten track can also be a lot of fun, but try to balance everything out and get the best of both worlds.

Be spontaneous. We know, kind of cliché, but trust us. Like we said before, it’s important to get the best of both worlds. Don’t stay between the lines when it comes to traditional tourist activities. Sometimes just doing basic stuff in a new place can be an amazing experience, like going out with friends you just made there, hiking by yourself, or just going shopping. Every place offers an unique experience thanks to the differences in culture, sometimes no matter the activity. So make sure you leave a little time to walk in the shoes of a simple local for at least one day.

If you get the opportunity to do something you wouldn’t normally do, take it. Of course, don’t leave safety out of your radar, but if someone proposes to go kayaking and you visit from New York city, where the chance to do that is basically 0, don’t let the fear of new keep you away. You will create wonderful, never to be forgotten memories that will also double as great stories for your friends back home.

For the best shots, search for local instagrammers or related hashtags to find the prettiest or most interesting-looking places that will make for the finest photos ever. This way not only you will find another way to make your friends back home envy you, but you will also gather great reminders of the places you visited, and you will be able to recognize them right away.

Another interesting way to spend your time is taking a class. Think about how great it would be to take cooking lessons in Italy, or surf ones in Bali. You would learn from the best and you would also turn your trip into a self-development opportunity, learning to do something practical, in a new way. It would also be a souvenir not many people have.

You never know what the place you visit can hide. So fish around for any hobbies, especially your own. Maybe you will find an exciting guitar shop, the best coffee you ever drank, or the most fascinating hike trail ever. These things are not often mentioned in the presentations of the tourist attractions, because they are not something general that most of the people would be interested in. So always make sure you look for things that also match your interests, for a unique experience.

We hope that we gave you a few ideas, and that your trip will be filled with excitement and will be unforgettable, even if it was planned at the last minute- usually those are best! Just remember that travelling is meant to broaden your horizons, so don’t be afraid to try anything new, look at it as a perfect way to discover more of yourself.