Find out what it takes to keep your head safe while you’re cruising highways or hitting the next trail. Motorcycle jackets, gloves and pants are great for preventing scuffs and scrapes, but nothing matches the protection of a helmet. Find out why full-face helmets are the safest and how to compare helmet safety features before picking up a new lid.

Full-Face vs. Modular Helmets: Pros and Cons

Full-face helmets aren’t for everyone. If you need a little more breathing room or ventilation, you may be more of a fan of modular helmets. A modular-style helmet is a balanced alternative to full-face or open-face helmets. When the face portion is flipped down, it looks and feels much like a full-face. Open up the face portion for a pit stop and enjoy a cool breeze.

Full-face, on the other hand, has a solid chin guard. This doesn’t allow you to open up your helmet as well, but it does give you an additional level of protection. All styles of helmets need to meet the minimum requirements of DOT safety certification to be ready to ride. Unfortunately, when your face is flying toward the pavement, minimums may not feel like enough.

The best motorcycle helmets go beyond safety minimums and offer you maximum impact protection. Both full-face and modular lids can come with some serious side impact protection and ventilation, but a straight hit to the chin shows that full-face helmets have an edge in the safety department. One way to check this is to see if there are any other safety certifications. Some organizations rate helmets with a five-star system. ECE and Snell certification stickers are great to have for added peace of mind. These two certifications have slightly different levels and safety tests, so a helmet with more than one more certification may have added levels of protection.

The hinged design of modular helmets make the chin support bar slightly weaker. A small impact may not make a huge difference, but a major collision can cause a modular helmet to be compromised when a full-face would otherwise keep your chin safe.

This is why avid riders often opt for a full-face helmet. If you’re cruising for miles every day, gearing up for a motocross race or looking for the ultimate in safety, a full-face is a clear winner. If you’re not looking for race-ready protection and need a little more breathing room when you’re stopped for a fuel up, a modular helmet is a convenient option.

Where To Find the Best Motorcycle Jackets

Serious riders deserve the best in terms of riding safety. Don’t stop at just a high-quality helmet, but invest in a motorcycle jacket, gloves, pants and other gear to step up your safety game.

Shop for the best motorcycle jackets and full face helmets online. An online shopping experience gives you the freedom and flexibility you need to match up your gear with your bike. If you have a particular helmet option and brand in mind, online shopping allows you to compare the pros and cons of this and other styles. Read customer reviews, specifications and order new gear delivered straight to your garage.