Different religions, upbringings, and spiritual beliefs make guardian angels a lofty concept. 

It’s hard to call something true if you haven’t had the experience to prove it. Still, that doesn’t mean guardian angels don’t exist.

There are many types of angel and among them, guardian angels are personal to you. Some believe everyone has one and others believe we have many.

The varying beliefs come from spirituality, religion, culture, and the exploration of other realms.

Understanding the role of guardian angels means sorting through these other associations. Here’s what to know.

Guardian Angels

Everyone has their own vocabulary when it comes to certain concepts. For that reason, the concept of guardian angels takes on different names.

Christianity, Judaism, and Islam acknowledge guardian angels, but Greek and Roman cultures called them spirits or ghosts. Different names don’t necessarily mean different entities, however.

Consider how you might know you have guardian angels. Do you call them your spirit guides? Master beings?

Examine how the guardian angel presence differs from other guides of yours. You may find guardian angels have a protective, primary presence whereas others play a secondary role. 

When deciding if guardian angels exist, it’s not something to convince yourself of; it’s something to know for sure. Here’s how.

Signs to See a Guardian Angel

If you’re curious about the angelic presence, that’s a good sign. It means you’re receptive and open to guidance. If you’ve experienced any of the following things, your guardian angels are nearby.

  • Angel numbers
  • White feathers
  • Light orbs
  • Strong energetic presence
  • Guiding voices in your head

Signs of spiritual awakening differ from the signs to see a guardian angel. Spiritual awakening symptoms result in broader awareness and perception. Your world view changes.

Guardian angel communications mean you’ve strengthened a bond with a specific angelic relationship. Since guardian angels are unique to you, you’ll have to learn how yours speak with you.

Consider how you receive angelic guidance. Are you visual? Do you see images? Are you sentient? Do you feel presences? Are you auditory? Do you hear sounds?

Knowing your mode of reception refines your ability to communicate.


If you’re wondering how to see your guardian angel, it’s simple. Ask and prepare for the answer. Once you identify how you get information, you can trust it’ll come.

Preparing your space through ceremony or invocation allows for clear communication. You can write or speak a request out loud to invite your guardian angel into your space. It’s best to stay meditative and quiet. 

Keep track of your sensations. Every felt experience is valuable information.

Guardian Angels Are Gifts

Life’s not for walking alone and guardian angels make that impossible. Do you believe guardian angels are real? Why or why not? 

What belief systems did you grow up around? How might your guardian angels aid you in your life journey? 

A world of wonder awaits you. To further your expertise in life’s great mystery, check out our latest blog posts!