Feel like you’re melting under the hot sun? Think about how your car feels, struggling with the heat of its engine’s combustion and exhaust. It’s under a lot of pressure when the needle pushes past 30°C, and it can be a challenge for your vehicle to keep its cool. You can help its odds of surviving the season by taking on this auto to-do list. Whether you have an epic road trip planned or just an ambitious Netflix queue set, it’s an easy addition to your summer, so don’t put off these tips any longer.

Change your oil

One of the main functions of motor oil is to keep your engine cool by lubricating it moving parts. When oil levels are low, it fails to properly grease these parts, and they grind against each other every time you take a ride. The friction they produce can overheat your engine, and, over time, it can wear things down. Keeping your oil replenished can avoid this, so be sure to pull out your dipstick this summer. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure how to change your oil. You can find the best quick oil change Mississauga has to offer by speaking with a trained auto mechanic.

Check your coolant system

Along with motor oil, your coolant system helps keep your car cool while you’re driving through hot, muggy weather. Make sure your coolant fluids are up to the right levels, then check for any leaks at connections or joints.

Check your filters

You can’t always blame the smoggy air in your cabin on highway traffic. Sometimes clogged filters can affect how your vehicle purifies the air blowing through its vent. Check this filtration system to make sure wintertime debris hasn’t clogged them, so your AC can blow properly all summer long.

Find an auto mechanic

If it’s been a long time since your last tune-up, make summer the season you have a trained mechanic take a look at your vehicle. They can perform comprehensive diagnostic checks and repairs that go beyond your skill level. Don’t worry if you don’t have a number saved in your phone already. Consider going local when you’re looking for a new car mechanic as this will make taking your vehicle in for work as convenient as possible. For the best auto mechanic Mississauga has to offer, drivers in the GTA choose the mechanics at Veerpreet for their summertime tune-up. They’re friendly and knowledge about cars, and they’re ready to help you 24/7 in case of an emergency.

Check your tires

If you drove all season tires all through winter, it’s time to give them a thorough inspection. Check that there aren’t any cracks or other signs of wear in its tread. If you notice your tires have started to wear down, you should check in with a tire shop Mississauga motorist trust, like Veerpreet. They have a variety of top brands of both new and used tires, and their mechanics provide some of the fastest, most reliable tire changes Mississauga has to offer.

You might see the summer as a time to relax, but it’s a season of hard work for your car. With weather forecasts promising a warmer summer than usual, it’s important you get your vehicle ready for the heat wave by performing simple maintenance tasks. These tips will help your vehicle and its engine keeps it cool, no matter the weather.