Birmingham is the second biggest city in the UK and it is a brilliant place to visit for those who want to get away from the traditional London jaunt. I have spent the last 6 months traveling around the UK and Birmingham is a city which I have really fallen in love with. For a solo male traveler there is plenty here to keep you occupied and if you do want to explore a little more of what the UK has to offer beyond the likes of London and Edinburgh, here are just a few things which a solo male traveler can do in Birmingham.

Cadbury World

If you love chocolate then you are bound to fall in love with Cadburys, in my view the best chocolate that I have ever tried. Just outside Birmingham you’ll find Cadbury World, the factory where much of this chocolate has been made for almost 100 years. This area was built not only for the factory but the factory owners also built homes and schools for its workers. Here you’ll find a museum which showcases how the chocolate is made, charts the company over the years and you will even get to try some delicious liquid chocolate, pure bliss.

The Bullring 

The Bullring is a large shopping and entertainment complex in the heart of the city and it is perfect for you to spend a day out. This place has been a commerce hub for hundreds of years and there are plenty of shops and entertainment options which men will just love. The building is pretty spectacular too and a trip to Birmingham wouldn’t be worthwhile without a trip here.

Spaghetti Junction

Fancy testing out your driving skills? Look no further than the Spaghetti Junction also known as the Gravely interchange which is a intricate twisting network of road junctions just outside the city. There have been stories of people spending hours on this junction trying to get it right and if you are up for the challenge you could do the same, just be sure to avoid rush hour!

Escort Service

Birmingham has some of the finest escort services in the country which makes for the perfect option for any solo male traveler. I used a Wolverhampton escorts service during my time there and both the women available and the service of the company was nothing short of fantastic. If you’ve had a busy day then why not use their services and enjoy the company of a beautiful woman for a night? Helping you to relax and unwind.


Football or soccer is hugely popular here and Birmingham have no less than 11 high profile clubs. If you are here during a weekend then look to go catch a game at the homes of Aston Villa, West Brom, Wolves or Birmingham City among others, where the passion of the city is laid bare. Tickets are easy to get and relatively inexpensive and it makes for a perfect Saturday afternoon event.

Next time you are in the UK, get yourself up to the midlands and enjoy all that Birmingham has to offer.