Did you know 70 % of people around the world work from home at least once a week? Consider transforming your spare room into a home office.

Are you looking for more fun ideas for an extra room? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over room ideas.

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Gym at Home

Do you prefer working out at home? Save money on gym memberships by setting up exercise equipment in your spare room.

Add a mini-fridge so you can store juice or cold water so you can replenish after a hard workout. Pick up a treadmill or an elliptical.

If you like to watch workout videos, mount a television on the wall. Stock up on a few yoga mats and hand weights as well. You could even hang a massive mirror on one wall so you can watch your form.

A Quiet Space

Consider switching your spare room into a meditation room. You can put a few plants to create a calm atmosphere. Keep it clutter-free. This way, you and your family have a quiet spot to head to when you need some alone time.

It’s also the perfect spot for a family meeting. Get rid of any technology. Add comfortable seating and extra lighting. If you have a beautiful green backyard, consider adding sliding glass doors.

Create a Library

Are you and your family big readers? Consider switching your spare room into a home library. If you have bursting bookshelves, you can move your books to this room and display them in a neat manner.

Install shelves on an entire wall. You can organize the shelves by genre. For fun, create a rainbow shelf, organizing the books together by color.

Don’t forget to put a few comfy chairs or a couch in the room. Install extra overhead lighting. Pick up some cozy blankets and cushions.

Guest Room

Do you have family who live far away or friends that like to visit? Convert your extra room into a bedroom. This way, your family or friends don’t have to spend money on a hotel. Choose soothing tones for the room like pale blue or grey.

Add extra storage in the closet. You can place bedding for the entire home in this room.

Family Room

Consider transforming the extra room into a multifunctional family space. You can pick up funky furniture and put up movie posters or unique art pieces. To create a warm atmosphere, install an electric fireplace on one of the walls.

Put some board games on shelves. After a busy week, your family can look forward to a game or movie night in this cozy room.

Set up a Bar

Do you love to entertain at home? Consider swapping your spare room into a private bar. You can pick up an ice maker, fridge, and a sink. Look for an island where you can serve the drinks and a shelf to display your bottles.

Pick up some funky artwork and comfortable seating. You could even add a television if you want to watch sports games with your friends.

Office at Home

Do you tend to work from home? Furnish your spare room with a desk, bookshelves, and a comfortable chair. Print off inspirational quotes. Pick up a couple of leafy plants to brighten and energize your office.

Set up a coffee maker and pick up a small fridge so you can reach for an energy drink or juice.

Gaming Room

Convert your extra room into a game room. Add a foosball or pool table in this room. You can also pick up a pingpong table.

This will be a fun room for your kids to hang out when they have friends over. Add a few bean bags and reclining chairs.

If you’re an avid video gamer, put all your consoles in this room. This way, your gaming won’t interrupt your family’s movie night. Pick up a small fridge for this room so you can store your favorite drinks.

Crafty Room

Do you love to sew or make crafts? Transform your spare room into an art room. This can be a space where you can layout art supplies and keep the mess contained to a specific spot.

It’s also a great space, for this reason, so that you can return to your project at any time.

You won’t have to spend time putting everything away like you would if you were in a different room.

Make sure to add clear storage cabinets and a few shelves to the wall. Store all the supplies in clear containers and label them so you can locate items fast.

Don’t forget the rubbish bin. Consider painting this room a colorful shade and hang up a bulletin board. This way, you can print off pictures of future projects or hang up project instructions.

Movie Theater

If you love to watch movies, this is the room idea for you. Pick up a projector and make your home theater. Keep one wall free of paintings or shelves. Pick up a pair of solid speakers.

Get a couch that you can pull out and convert into a bed for sleepovers. Add a small table and fridge where you can store drinks and snacks. Don’t forget a microwave so you can make popcorn. Pick up a variety of toppings and treats.

Now You Have Some Fun Ideas for an Extra Room

We hope you found this guide on spare rooms helpful. Sit down with these fun ideas for an extra room and decide what would serve you and your family best.

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