The holidays are almost here and people everywhere are scrambling to make some extra cash. How else are they supposed to afford gifts for the whole family on top of all their usual bills?

If you’re in this situation right now, you’re in luck: the answer to your money problems may already be in your lap, on your desk, or in the palm of your hand.

That’s right—it’s the internet! There are all sorts of creative ways to make money online with nothing more than a computer or smartphone.

Keep reading for three online side hustles you can try when you’re strapped for cash.

1. Flip Domain Names

“Location, location, location” isn’t just a phrase that applies to physical real estate’s value. It also matters online, where buying and selling website domains can be a lucrative gig.

You can go about re-selling domains in a couple of ways. First, you can snatch up creative addresses that are still available and hope that someone will want to buy them in the future.

But if that sounds like too much of a guessing game, you can also buy and re-sell existing sites and blogs for a profit.

2. Give the People What They Want

Can you write up a storm, film videos like a pro, or do impeccable celebrity impressions? These and many other skills you likely have are quite valuable. Valuable enough, in fact, that people will pay for them!

Sites like Upwork and Fiverr connect freelancers from all disciplines with people looking for their services. It doesn’t matter how strange your skills are—someone out there will want what you can offer.

These platforms get rid of the need for you to set up a business website and hunt for clients. You might not get paid as much as you would if you found your own clients, but the easiness factor is worth it for some.

But be warned, you’ll have to work extra hard to keep track of your finances as a freelancer or independent contractor. If you need help understanding what’s on your paystub, head over to for an explanation.

3. Take Obscure Stock Photos

With a high-quality phone camera and basic photo editing software, almost anyone can take decent photographs. Why not take advantage of this by selling your snaps as stock photos? Shutterstock, iStockphoto, and many others will host your images for sale on their sites.

If you aren’t a professional photographer, the best way to make money with stock photos is to choose subjects without many search results. While fewer people are going to search for “old woman eating corn on the cob” than other topics, the ones that do will be much more likely to choose your image.

If this sounds fun to you, gather your friends and family for a strangely themed photoshoot. Who knows—your stock photo may even end up as the newest meme format!

Give These Creative Ways to Make Money Online a Try

If you need a little extra cash to pad your pockets for the holidays, open up your laptop and get started.

These creative ways to make money online won’t make you rich overnight, but they can help when you need to make a quick buck.

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