With Mother’s Day just around the corner, finding the perfect gift for that special woman in your life can be difficult. We all know that mums love to be shown and told how much they’re appreciated, but where do you start in searching for the perfect gift which tells just that? Taking your stresses away, we’ve listed the best ways to show how much you love your mum this Mother’s Day. Check out our list below!

The Semicolon Ring

A lovely, symbolic gift for a mum, this ring will have every mum’s heart melting in an instant. From StoryJewellery, the place to buy high quality, stunning pieces which your mum will treasure forever. Available in two styles, this design will suit the mums who like a subtle pop of colour as well as those who prefer a silver piece. The standout being the pink sapphire design, the semicolon stones are accompanied by a delicate heart. So, what’s the symbolism behind the design? It embraces one’s resilience towards life as you keep going through the hard times as well as the good. Perfect for the strong mums out there who take care of everything and everyone, it’s a great meaningful gift. Featuring sterling silver and AAA grade cubic zirconia, it’s a long-lasting addition for the jewellery box.

A Flower Subscription

Mother’s Day is usually the time where Spring has sprung. Whilst it’s common to get flowers for this special day, why not take it a step further and gift your mum a wonderful flower subscription. A simple gift which will put a smile on anyone’s face, a flower subscription is a gift that keeps on giving. Choose the style of bouquets you’ll get delivered each month or have it as a surprise. Personalise it by choosing your mother’s favourite flower or a flower with a deeper meaning.

Afternoon Tea

We all enjoy a good pot of tea with a few sweet treats on the side. Why not make a day out of it and take your mother for an afternoon tea? Tailor the day to include a sweet or savoury platter and choose an accompaniment of a glass of prosecco. You can even find some themed afternoon tea’s, inspired by Downtown Abbey, Bridgerton and many other period films/tv shows. A lovely little activity which you can enjoy with your mum or gift it as a day for her to catch up with friends.


Being a mum is tough business. Looking after the children, the home and working all at the same time is an exhausting job. So why not treat your hard-working mum to a day at the spa – a treat which can rack up an expensive price tag. Tailor this gift to suit your expenses. Simply treat your mother to a manicure/pedicure, maybe a massage of some kind or simply just a day at a spa where they can relax and take a dip in the pool. It’s simply giving your mum a moment away from all the stress and noise, and to enjoy some relaxation.


Every mum loves a good book to read. Whether it’s reading a few pages before bed or building a small library for them to take on holiday. For the mums who love a good story, a great gift is a voucher to a bookstore. Take it a step further and gift them a whole experience at a book shop where they are given afternoon tea, discuss books with an expert and are given a handful of books specifically picked for them to take home and enjoy.


If your mum’s a plant lover or garden fanatic, then a great gift to give is a plant. Something that can last a lifetime (depending on your mums gardening skills), a plant is a lovely addition to the garden and/or house which your mother will appreciate and care for. Plants can be expensive at times, so gifting one to your mum will show another level of appreciation. Just like everything, you can also get plant subscriptions where they send seeds, info and gardening accessories to guide you and expand your gardening knowledge. It’s a lovely activity which you can also do with your mum.


We all appreciate a lovely dinner. Whether that’s going out to eat or cooking it from the comfort of your own home. Show how much you appreciate your mum this Mother’s Day through dinner. Take her to her favourite restaurant, a place she’s been dying to go to or a newly opened place. If your mother’s got her favourite meals and snacks, why not make it from scratch yourself and serve a three-course dinner from home. An action which shows love and appreciation, you mum can relax and enjoy her favourite meals from the comfort of her own home.


If you fancy pushing the boat out and being the star child, why not gift your mum a perfume. Whether she’s got her eye on a particular scent or hasn’t got a clue, there’s many gifts out there with the theme of perfume. Some perfumes can hit the far end of price points but there are companies out there that create more affordable dupes of these iconic scents. It’s a great route to go down for testing out scents. You could also purchase mini ranges featuring 4-5 scents from the brand; or buy a scent subscription (a great one for the mums who love their perfumes).

And there is our list of top gift ideas for your wonderful mother this Mother’s Day. Every mother likes to be appreciated for their hard work, care and support, so why not show them how much you love them through either jewellery, sweet treats or a stress-free activity.