Just like most things, jewellery styles and trends come in and out of fashion. For those who like more unique pieces, jewellery shopping can be a bit difficult as it’s filled with simple designs to suit the masses. Finding the perfect, stylish and one-of-a-kind jewellery garment can be a challenging process for rings, earrings, necklaces and more. But no need to fear as we’ve created a list of conversation-starting jewellery pieces as well as some tips to help you find new pieces and spice up your tame jewellery collection.

The Mountain Ring

For those ready to move mountains to get their ideal jewellery collection, there’s no better way to start off the journey than with the Mountain Ring. A great way to introduce new designs, shapes and styles into your collection, the ring allows you to enter the realm of unique jewellery pieces. The ring features two bands united together by one. The first contains two mountain peaks whilst the second includes two smaller peaks made with crystals. Available in silver, the Mountain Ring is a great addition to those who adore silver toned jewellery yet want to venture into different designs.

Out with the New and in with the Old

One great way of spicing up your jewellery collection is through shopping at charity shops and antique stores. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but you’re bound to find unique pieces that are very hard to spot on someone else. Antique jewellery can come with a slightly higher price tag, but you can usually trust that the piece is of high quality and everlasting. Hitting second-hand shops in itself is an exciting process as you go on the hunt for jewellery, but when you find that piece you’re looking for, it’s even more rewarding than ordering something online.

Mixing Metals

If you don’t have the expenses to purchase new jewellery, one great way of bringing new life to your pieces is by mixing it up. You’ve probably got your go-to earrings and jewellery pairs but it’s time to break the wheel. Start by mixing your metal tones, combining rose gold with gold. Furthermore, stacking your jewellery, whether they be of the same tone or not, is a great way of learning new ways you can wear the beloved pieces you already own.

A Double Band Rainbow Ring

Uniting the colourful with the classic, the double band rainbow ring is a great design option for those wanting to dip their toes into the field of colourful jewellery. Sporting the rainbow tones in a crown-like formation, the design is complimented with a simple band and the addition of another with small triangular details. Available in silver and rose gold, the ring complements all skin tones and metal preferences.

Create Your Own

If you’re one to get creative, start making your own jewellery! Now this can sound a bit daunting but no need to fear. Whilst there are workshops and an endless number of tutorials online for you to learn from, there are ways to begin your new hobby. For example, start by working with beads. You may think this is a bit childish, but firstly such jewellery is on trend, but you can also make very sophisticated pieces that don’t look cheap. Mix and match with bead shapes, materials and tones to create unique jewellery pieces. And who knows, maybe there’s a business in it somewhere.

The Leaf Ring

If you’re a nature lover, then the Leaf Ring is the one for you. A unique yet subtle design, this ring is a great start towards creating a more exciting jewellery collection. Featuring small branches that wrap around the finger, small leaves poke out to emphasise one’s connection with nature. To enhance the design, some leaves feature miniature crystals to satisfy those who love a hint of bling. Available in silver and gold, this ring will suit those who are beginning their new jewellery collection and slowly straying away from the normal.

Metal vs Beads

Move over metals as there’s a new material in town. Metal jewellery has dominated the market for decades. The allure of something shiny and new has drawn us to create hefty metal collections packed with pieces that look all too similar. It’s time to flip the script and add something new to your jewellery box. A major trend hitting the accessory scene are beaded necklaces, bracelets and other jewellery pieces. Whether it’s using primary-coloured beads or pearl like beads, the trend can really fit any and all preferences.

Beautifully Broken Ring

Inject colour into your jewellery box in a very simple way. Whether it’s through earrings, necklaces or like the Beautifully Broken Ring. Not only is the inclusion of various colours interesting but the jaggered design adds dynamic. A great piece to wear on its own or layered, the design will pop with any outfit. Jewellery is another outlet where we can express ourselves so why not make it just as exciting. Offering the addition of a lovely message behind the design, the ring encourages flaws and mistakes to be made. It’s a really uplifting piece to anyone’s hand.

Go Bold with Colours

A simple way of adding interest and diversity to your jewellery is through colour. Whilst silver and gold are lovely tones, add an umph with the addition of colourful stones. Buying real emeralds, sapphires and rubies is expensive but there’s many places which sell jewellery that feature replica stones. A lovely emerald stone to a gold ring band is a lovely addition to a classic design and is an easy way of experimenting with jewellery.