Why rave in DF?

Cities and parties go hand in hand. The intensity of urban populous and the meeting of cultures and influences make for fertile ground for social gatherings and raves. So then it’s little wonder that the urban mass sprawl of Mexico City is perhaps one of the most popular destinations for party goers and ravers.
Consider that fact that as capital cities go, Mexico is a bottle neck between US and entire central and south American continent. It simply means everyone plays here from musicians and bands to producers and Dj’s. Here are just some of the clubs that any self-respecting raver must attend.

El Real Underground

El Real Underground is not your typical nightspot for ravers. It’s a goth bar. That said, the enormous appeal comes from its faithful and loyal followers who flock each weekend to see the indomitable legend of Lord Fer spin his wildly eclectic and superbly matched beats to the tracks of heavy angst ridden goth and industrial music. Just don’t ever ask for a request! Expect Flock of Seagulls mixed seamlessly with Beverly Hills Cop!

El Imperial

This unsuspecting bar at the end of the main strip of Roma is one of the those delights where you walk in to discover a plush speak easy bar that provides live music and party nights over the long weekends. Relatively affordable drinks and a really great atmosphere makes for perfect dates as well as dancing and live music appreciation.
Security and bar staff seem to follow a consensus of being sound to everyone and it makes for a trouble free great evening certitude.

Patrick Miller

Hi-NRG is a thing. Only after being educated by fellow travel blogger and close friend Rose Burillo, that I understood this sub-genre of electronic music. Considered for its hi octane beats and fast paced rhythms, ravers can expect a more participatory reaction to the revellers. Expect dance circles and face offs as professional dancers test their reaction speeds and expressive movement to Mexico’s finest and fasted Dj’s. Drinks are cheap but make sure to dress to dance. Trainers are a must! 

Social Rhodesia 

The hottest club of this moment is Club Social Rhodesia. Located on the iconic and easily identifying Glorieta De La Cibeles, Roma, its ease to get there is supported by Metrobus lines and Metro train stop Sevilla. 

The building is an old converted houses that appears uninviting and nearly haunted from the outside. The polarity of a huge dancehall inside, heaving with ravers makes for a fantastic entrance experience. 

The music covers most genres from pop rock and dance but with the most important focus on really decent music regardless of type. The atmosphere is unpretentious  and music loving which, in this city, makes for a consistent attitude to partying in District Federal. This is possibly the most important aspect after the music, the people that make the crowd, and those who rave in Mexico City do so because they love their music and their city. It’s a communion of art to their partying. 

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