For Peter Triassi Montreal has been very good for his investments and throughout the years his smart purchases of real estate and business has coincided with real growth in the city. Owing to his success Peter has gained quite the social media following where people will tune in to find out what he is suggesting in terms of stock buying or property investment. What Peter has been speaking a great about lately however, is the importance of investing in a post-pandemic world and just how lucrative that can be. This is something which of course we have been covering as well and it would seem that we are in agreement with the great man, when we say to hang on to your cash for now. 


Many are looking to invest now because they know that there is a great deal of uncertainty in the market. Of course there is no market on the planet which does well when it is going through any kind of uncertainty. The issue however is that now more than ever before, this is widespread uncertainty and that means that not only does the market not have any idea what is happening, many investors don’t either. It may be that real estate looks great right now but that could quite easily plummet to record levels. A touch of uncertainty helps the investor but when nobody knows what is going on, that is where money is lost. 

Propped Up 

What we are certainly seeing at the moment is a lot of markets and industries which are being propped up by financial aid and support packages. This however is not going to last forever and we are going to see the real picture in a few months time. Considering the scale of this pandemic and the consequences of it that we are seeing, there is likely to be some industries and sectors which completely collapse and that will be the time for a cash rich investor to swoop in and make some great profits. 

The Existence of Business

There have been some big businesses which have fallen victim to the events of this year and many more of them may not be able to survive, especially if we are looking at the leisure and tourism industry. Jumping into an investment right now may end up meaning that you lose your money altogether if the business doesn’t survive. 

Better Opportunities

The truth of the matter is that better opportunities are waiting around the corner and if you pump your capital into investments right now, it may all be tied up when the golden eggs come along. There is of course some anxiety around investing but if you are able to hold tight and just wait for a few months, then you are going to have a world of opportunity waiting for your investment. 


Hang tight and keep following the advice of smart investors like Peter.