Following the announcement of the pandemic many of us were facing quarantine situations which affected our lives drastically. In the first instance many of us weren’t working, but gradually offices and workspaces began to recognize the clear benefits of remote working for their staff. This was something which had really been on the horizon for some time, and the pandemic merely sped up that process. What we are seeing now, even as things open up, is that many individuals are seeking out remote working companies such as ShiftSmart, which can help put them into the world of remote work.

Now there are of course many industries where this is just not a reality, but for those which are, these are the clear benefits offered to employees.

No More Commutes

Commuting to and from a job is both costly with regards to money, and it is also costly with regards to time. For some people almost 3 hours of their day is taken up just by getting to their job and coming home again. With remote working this will become a thing of the past. This is no doubt one of the best benefits of this kind of lifestyle and it is one reason why so many are keen to continue it.

Location Flexibility

If you work remotely you do not necessarily have to work from home. For many workers this actually poses a problem because of the fact that they don’t have a space to work from or because there are too many distractions. Remotely working however merely means that you won’t have to work from the office, but co-working spaces, cafes and even other people’s houses is still an option.

Additional Comfort

There are just some days where we don’t want to get up and get dressed up smartly for work, and this kind of working allows you to buy yourself a couple of hours each day. There is nothing wrong with working until lunch with your PJs on if it is just that kind of day, something you couldn’t do if you were going to the workplace. This gives a real sense of comfort when you need it and it really helps on those days where you just aren’t feeling up for it.

Money Savings

Something else which you will notice here are the money savings which you are able to make with this lifestyle. We have already mentioned the commute, but there is in fact more to it than this. The extra cup of coffee each day, buying your lunch when you are out and about, and even events after work, all of this will help far less. This means that not only are you able to have a more comfortable working day, you will also be able to have a much less expensive day, and all of those costs really do add up.

This is something which more of us in the office space should be pushing for when it comes to our work life.