2020 has not been the year anyone could have envisioned. But now with it being possible to host outdoor social distanced soirees, you can get your summer back on track!

In this article, we will explain the 5 best ways to improve your outdoor living space; give your friends and family the right environment for some socially distanced fun!

1. Add Some Deck Furniture

If you are planning on a small gathering, make sure you have plenty of available seating. However, don’t just settle on some boring chairs! Take a look at getting some alternative seating such as luxcraft deck furniture.

Furniture such as porch swings, gliders and even wishing wells can really add some pizazz to your outdoor party and seating arrangements!

2. Install Some Lighting

For daytime events, lighting isn’t a requirement, but what about after the sun goes down and people still want to carry on partying? Some patio lights or even fairy lights will go a long way to setting a mood or ambiance.

Also, the lighting will ensure that everyone stays outdoors for longer, which is better for socially distanced fun and better for virus prevention.

3. Add a Bonfire or Small Fire Pit

This is another good addition for socially distanced parties for when it gets dark. This can often lead to a drop in temperature which will make your guests either want to go inside or go home.

With a fire pit or bonfire, this adds plenty of heat for your party guests so they are kept warm and cozy, even in the dark. You can also get some marshmallows to roast on sticks and do chocolate smores for any sweet-toothed party attendees!

4. Add Hanging Baskets or Flower Pots

Depending on how much space you have in your garden or patio, adding a few flower pots or hanging baskets can really make it an attractive entertainment place.

Whatever level your gardening is at, you can get plants that match your gardening skills. Buy ones that are low maintenance or need less water, such as cacti, and make your outdoor area look welcoming to your guests.

5. Create Coverage for Your Guests

If you are throwing an outdoor party, make sure you have covered spaces for your guests to be comfortable in whatever the weather. This includes umbrellas or awnings for if it is too hot or whether the worst happens and it starts raining.

Covered outdoor living spaces means that you are still able to entertain your guests without having to worry about weather circumstances outside of your control.

Outdoor Living Spaces: Where Can I Find Out More?

We hope this article on the 5 ways to improve your outdoor living space has been helpful when thinking about socially distanced entertaining.

It is possible to have a successful socially distanced party in your garden, with a few considerations and changes. Make sure to make the most of your space and throw a great soiree!

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