Excited for fall but don’t know what to wear? Although colder weather makes it easier to style outfits, it can be hard to let go of light summer dresses.

Whether you’re feeling a bit stuck and need a wardrobe upgrade or want to follow the latest fall fashion trends, get ready to wear lots of layers and accessories. As the weather changes, so will the colors of your clothes, so think about adding more deep red, brown, beige, mustard, and dark green tones. 

Keep reading to discover 5 simple and stylish wardrobe tips for fall to keep you warm and cozy throughout the season.

1. Update Your Wardrobe

You don’t have to buy everything new and forget about the pieces you already own. But sometimes, refreshing your wardrobe with a few new things can put you in a cozy mood.

For instance, replace old worn-out sweaters, shoes, and bags and invest in higher quality pieces that you can wear for years to come. Also, if you have sweaters with pills or holes, try to fix them so you can wear them again or repurpose them for something else.

2. Accessorize

Fall fashion is all about the accessories. Whether it’s cozy chunky scarves, warm wool hats, belts, or jewelry, accessories can elevate even the simplest of outfits. The rule of accessorizing is simple: don’t go overboard and always remove one piece of accessory before you leave your home.

3. Pick the Right Shoes

Fall weather means rainy days, so make sure you have the right shoes to keep you dry and warm. For sunny autumn days, you can wear ballet flats, sneakers, open toe or open side booties. When it rains, get a pair of waterproof booties, combat boots, or hiking boots.

Customizing your shoes is another great way to add some individuality to your wardrobe. You can choose colors, textures, prints, and even fabrics to make shoes you’ll love.

4. Update Your Jeans

One of the best fall style tips is upgrading your jeans game. If you resort to black and dark jeans as soon as the temperatures drop, think again. There’s nothing wrong with wearing light jeans and even white jeans if you style them well.

Even jeans on jeans works great with the right colors and accessories. For instance, wearing cool t-shirts paired with a thick scarf, a hat, a pair of well-fitting jeans plus a belt is the ultimate fall outfit.

5. Extend Your Summer Looks

In the early fall, you can still extend your summer looks while you slowly transition your wardrobe for colder weather. For instance, you can still wear summer dresses and pair them with booties and a jean or leather/faux leather jacket.

Layering is a great way to transition into autumn fashion while still making the most of your favorite summer pieces.

Look Cute and Feel Comfy With These Wardrobe Tips for Fall

Whether you’re into dresses and boots or jeans and booties, these wardrobe tips for fall will help you get out of a fashion rut.

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