Owning a handgun and keeping one or more in your home comes with several benefits. These benefits don’t come without risks, however. There are many aspects of gun ownership to consider before bringing a handgun into the home. 

After doing some of your own research and thinking, if you feel like storing a gun in your home has more benefits than risks, then you’ll need to learn how to properly store your gun. Below is our guide on handgun storage and how to keep your home as safe as possible.

Keep It Unloaded

When storing your handgun in your home, you should keep it unloaded until you’re ready to use it. Store the ammunition in a separate location than the gun itself. Do keep each in an easy to access location for yourself in case of an intruder. 

Keeping the gun unloaded and the ammo stored separately will help minimize the chances of an accident happening. If someone does get a hold of the gun, it won’t be loaded, and the ammo won’t be in the same location.

Use a Trigger Lock

A trigger lock is another form of gun safety to consider. Most new guns are sold with trigger locks in the box, but if yours wasn’t sold with one, then you can buy one from the manufacturer or the gun or the dealer whom you bought it from. 

The trigger lock will lock the trigger in place by coming into direct contact with it. Because of this, be sure not to use one on a loaded gun. Once in place, unauthorized users won’t be able to use your gun.

Teach Gun Safety

One of the easiest ways to keep everyone in your home safe from guns is to teach gun safety. Don’t allow your children or anyone else in your home to be afraid of the gun. Instead, teach them about guns, how beneficial they are, and how careful you must be with them.

Children might be curious about the gun if it’s something that’s hidden away and never spoken of. Help them understand the dangers that come along with handling a gun and why they should never try to handle it when you’re not there.

Place It in a Gun Safe

There are several different types of gun safes or lockboxes that you can purchase. Place your gun in a gun safe and keep it somewhere close but hidden. The safe will prevent unauthorized users from accessing the gun but will ensure the gun is nearby in case you need to use it for your own protection.

You can even consider buying gun safes that are disguised to fit into your home without anyone noticing. 

Hire Moving Professionals

When moving from one home to another, it’s essential that you hire a gun safe mover. This is especially true if you have multiple firearms inside a large safe that’s heavy to move. 

Professional gun safe movers will ensure that the safe is moved with care from your old home to your next.

Your Handgun Storage Method Is Important for Safety!

The handgun storage method that you choose is important for your safety and the safety of everyone else in your home. Use these tips listed above to help you create the safest storing method possible.

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