Do you plan to start a new venture, or did you just recently kiss goodbye to your job? With the economy’s unstable stance, it’s no longer surprising if you want to start your own business. Whatever the case it could be, there are lots of ideas that you can utilize apart from food, fashion and other common niches in the market. Such is the fact for essay writing business.

There’s no shortage when it comes to young adults heading to college. And if there’s one thing certain about going to school at this level, is that there will be numerous essays writing homework and projects.

Due to the frenzied class and work schedules of most college students, it’s difficult for them to find or juggle their time to create their own essays. It is where services for essay writing come into the picture, which can be very profitable. Nowadays, the business in essay writing services is growing bigger and becoming more profitable.

Sounds promising right? However, there are few things you need to consider when starting out with this new venture to make sure you’ll earn out of it and become successful. An essay writing service is just like any other business. Here are some tips that can help if you want to start an online writing business.

Assemble a Talented Team

For starters, your task is to look or create a team or maybe hire a highly skilled and credible writer to start. All you have to do is browse on different websites dedicated to freelance writing and start head hunting for competent writers.

The good thing about exploring these freelance sites is that they sometimes provide reviews or comments about the writers from their former clients. Hence, if a particular writer is famous for spinning or plagiarizing work, there’s a high probability that it will be visible in the comment tabs.

Never hire writers who are known to have plagiarized works. Plagiarized articles or essays are never a good thing to present. If you’re planning to use such articles for a website, then your SEO rank will surely go down. Not only can they damage your credibility, but plagiarized works can also get you trouble from the authorities.

Credibility Matters

You need to show professionalism to your customers, regardless of how ethical you are or how much you have to offer. One of the excellent methods to do it is through joining a website for freelance writing to legitimize your service and display the services that you provide. The only downside is that these sites aren’t always for free and depending on your financial status, it might be difficult for you to afford them.

Remember that a business writes off is the expense. It could be an obligatory expense to make your new business venture work. Starting a website can be a great alternative if you’re tight on cash. There are many websites with free hosting services, but you’ll not be able to obtain a premium domain name.

If you have a sponsor or a business sponsor who’d like to meet with you, grab the chance and say yes. Whether you’re planning to meet through Skype or somewhere more formal, always present yourself professionally. Wear a proper attire or suit, wear a Patek Philippe watch or any formal accessory. Finish off your look with a nice pair of shoes.

Always keep in mind that this is a business and you should always present yourself as someone who is competent and able to do business. Remember that no one wants to do business with a person who looks like a bum.

No matter how many skilled writers you have in your team, be ready to provide a few essays, in the beginning, to be able to provide samples of your work on your site. It may not be ideal for you at first, but it might be just what you need to get customers that are willing to pay for your essays.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Ads

You will need to initiate an advertising campaign once you do your business up and running. The good thing about having an essay writing service is that you can do it online, wherever and whenever you are. Even more so, it’s also the best tactic to advertise your service since you’ll be using the internet for communicating with customers and collecting payments.

When it comes to conjuring an advertising campaign, you need to define your goals first as well as your overall expectations. Set only the realistic goals that you can accomplish in a short period. Otherwise, if your intentions are too difficult to achieve, you’ll never reach them.

For example, you can work up to 3-4 per day within a month and sell one essay per day and employ one freelancer when your business is already stable. With the great ability of freelancers, the lost cost of entry for such a business, and dedication, you might be able to ramp up your business quickly.

Build Your Business Online

Social media platforms are at their peak so don’t forget to utilize them. There are millions of customers around the globe keep checking and updating their social accounts every hour of the day. Hence, you need to use it to your advantage.

Create a social media account if you don’t have one yet. Start spreading the news about your services with your network of friends and potential customers. Your campaign in social media should work to find new business opportunities and customers and uplift your revenue. And before you know it, you’re already generating customers who want to avail essay writing services.

Traffic Is a Must

You will need to drive traffic to your website to sell your services. Put in mind that every visitor to your site is a potential customer. There are various ways to generate traffic, both offline and online and advertising is a feasible way of promoting your business online.

You can utilize outlets platforms such as Facebook ads, Twitter ads, and Google PPC online. If you wish to advertise offline, you can put business cards everywhere, pass out promotional products on campus, use flyers at local colleges and even put some graphics on your car to spread the word. See to it that you make a plan, set some goals, find good writers and merge both online and offline advertising.


The world of essay writing business is now on the rise, and the competition is becoming more stringent. Thus when starting out a new venture, you need to consider a few things to make sure that you receive regular monetary benefits from it and you can be successful.

Without a doubt, it’s a competitive business with many demands. If you have quality content, a solid team, efficient delivery times, great page and great reviews, you’re heading in the right direction.