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It doesn’t matter what type of business you run or what industry you’re operating in, keeping the interior and exterior clean will be ongoing. Time is money and you want you and your staff to be focused on running the business and not just cleaning, so let’s take a look at some ways to make keeping your business premises clean easier, without it consuming too much of your day. 

#1 – Draw Up a Cleaning Roster

If you draw up a cleaning roster and allocate various cleaning tasks to your employees, each and every worker will not only be reminded of their specific duties, but it’ll also more evenly spread the workload so not one employee’s time is totally consumed by cleaning tasks.

Not all cleaning jobs will need to be done every day, but for those that do require daily attention, having a roster displayed in a prominent place will play a key role in keeping your business clean and in a time-efficient manner. 

#2 – Rubbish Is Something That Should Be Disposed Of Regularly

Rubbish lying about isn’t just unsightly. It can be a health hazard, fire danger or something that simply gets in the way of running the business. If your business is in food and beverage, then you really want to dispose of trash on a constant basis.

Delegate the task of regular rubbish removal to one or two employees, so trash won’t build up and will be disposed of in a timely manner. Your business will look and smell better and garbage will never be an eyesore in your premises. 

#3 – Keep Floors and Walkways Clean

Floors are easily the largest single area that’ll need to be kept clean or cleaned at the end of the day. The same goes for outdoor common areas, paths and walkways etc..

The quickest and easiest way to keep floors clean is by buying or hiring a push sweeper. A push sweeper with dust control is a far better choice than just a sweeper or simply using a broom.

A dust control push sweeper is a manual push sweeper that is effective for sweeping floors and concrete areas, both indoors and outdoors. Many manual sweepers just spread dust around rather than sweep it up, but a push sweeper with dust control effectively removes dust and debris from the ground. 

#4 – Call-In Commercial Cleaners

You can still delegate daily cleaning tasks to your staff, but to get your business premises extra clean, consider hiring a commercial cleaning company to come in once a week, or several times a month, to give the place a thorough, professional clean.

If it’s within your business budget, you might decide to hire professional cleaners more regularly, to handle the majority of the cleaning duties, leaving your staff free to focus on their regular tasks. There is no shortage of cleaning companies to choose from, and a simple search online with bring up plenty of options. 

#5 – Have Mats Placed In Strategic Locations

Keeping your business clean isn’t always about actual cleaning. Simply having doormats and other mats placed around the premises will help keep dust, dirt and other debris to a minimum when it comes to your indoor space. Most of the dust and dirt will be congregated around the mats instead. 

#6 – Have Cleaning Equipment and Products On Hand

The job of cleaning will be made a lot easier if there are cleaning products and cleaning equipment on hand for staff members to use when required. This will also include always having garbage bags in stock for efficient rubbish control and easy removal.

If your place of business has bathrooms, a kitchen or a lunch area, make sure all necessary cleaning equipment and cleaning products are in these locations so everyone can either clean as they go, or those delegated the task of cleaning these areas to have what they need to do the job properly. 

In Conclusion

Keeping your business premises clean – inside and outside – is more a matter of being diligent about it than anything else. Hiring a cleaning company is the easiest way, but also delegating various cleaning tasks to employees is also an effective method of getting the cleaning done quickly and efficiently.


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