Recent studies have shown that about one out of every seven American adults is using CBD products on a regular basis these days. People have fallen in love with all the supposed physical and mental benefits of taking CBD products.

CBD oil, in particular, has become very popular among Americans. People like CBD oil, in part, because there are lots of different ways in which they can take it. You can find the best way to consume CBD oil based on your specific preferences and start taking full advantage of it today.

Before you can pick out which way you want to take CBD oil, though, you need to learn about the options that you’ll have. It’ll allow you to make the best decision as far as how you’ll take CBD oil when you begin using it.

Here is a guide that breaks down some of the ways in which you’ll be able to take CBD oil.

Put CBD Oil in Your Mouth and Swallow It

Most of the people who use CBD oil prefer to mix it up with something before putting it into their mouths. But if you don’t want to have to worry about mixing it up every time you take it, you’re free to put CBD oil right into your mouth and swallow it.

When you take CBD oil this way, it’ll work its way through your digestive system before it’s eventually metabolized by your liver and then delivered throughout your body in your bloodstream.

There are some people who aren’t fans of the way that CBD oil tastes, which is why this is not the best way to consume CBD oil for them. But others find that swallowing a few CBD oral drops isn’t a big deal at all and appreciate how fast it gets CBD into their systems.

Stick CBD Oil Under Your Tongue and Hold It There

Ingesting CBD oil will get CBD into your system pretty quickly compared to some of the other options listed here. But it doesn’t do it as fast as sticking CBD oil under the tongue does.

Taking CBD sublingual has turned into a popular option for those who want CBD to start acting as fast as it can in their body. The second that you stick a few CBD oral drops under your tongue, your mucus membranes will begin absorbing it and then distributing it throughout your body.

If you choose to take this approach, just make sure you know how long to hold CBD oil under the tongue. You’ll need to let it sit for about 60 to 90 seconds so that it can be absorbed in the right way.

Add CBD Oil to Your Favorite Beverage

After you try to swallow CBD oil or stick it under your tongue, you may find that you’re not a huge fan of the taste of it. There are some CBD oils that don’t taste all that great when they aren’t paired with something else.

To get around this, you can opt to add CBD oil to your favorite beverage. You can mix it in with orange juice, coffee, or even a smoothie so that you don’t have to taste the CBD oil at all.

This will force you to wait a little bit longer to feel the effects of CBD oil. But it’s the best way to consume CBD oil for anyone who can’t stand the flavor of it when it’s by itself.

Bake Something With CBD Oil in It

Do you enjoy baking? If so, baking something and adding CBD oil to it while you’re in the process of doing it is yet another way to enjoy the benefits of CBD oil without having to taste it.

This guide to baking with CBD oil breaks down how easy it is to incorporate CBD into almost any recipe.

Vape With CBD Oil

If you don’t already vape, you might not want to start doing it solely to take CBD oil. But if you do vape every day or even just every now and then, vaping with CBD oil is going to be an option for you.

All you’ll need to do is fill your vaporizer with CBD oil rather than using traditional e-juice in it. This will allow you to inhale CBD oil into your lungs where it can be absorbed and then diffused into your bloodstream.

Look around for a CBD oil that’s made for vaping. It’ll contain some kind of flavoring that will make it taste good when you’re vaping with it.

Rub CBD Oil Into Your Skin

As you’ve no doubt noticed by now, all of the different ways to consume CBD oil that we’ve mentioned thus far have involved putting it into your mouth in some form or fashion. This option is a little bit different.

Rather than swallowing, drinking, or eating CBD oil, you also have the option to rub it directly into your skin. Your skin is capable of absorbing it and distributing it throughout the area in which you apply it.

This is a great way for people who have chronic pain to utilize CBD oil. They can target pain in their muscles and joints by rubbing CBD products into the specific parts of their bodies that hurt.

What Is the Best Way to Consume CBD Oil? It’s up to You to Decide

The best way to consume CBD oil is by using whichever option works best for you. Some people respond well to sticking CBD oil under their tongues, while others find that baking with CBD oil does the trick for them.

You should try out a few different techniques to see which one produces the best results for you. You might be surprised to see which of the methods found here delivers the results you’re looking for.

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