There are so many cities in the country that you might have gone to in your life. But have you ever been to the state of goa? Have you ever thought about why people love to be there in this region of the country? Have you ever explored different spots of goa? There are beautiful and refreshing spots that may make you feel loved and happy right away.

But before you start planning about where you would go and where you would take pictures; make sure that you book comfortable rooms in w goa for a lavish and comfortable stay. Any trip, no matter how much planned it may be, should have a proper stayover provision. You cannot make the most of your trip if you do not have a place to stay. What is the point if you feel so tired after every day exploration in goa and you have no proper place to stay? Make sure that you work on your stayover even before you are there. For now, have a look at some of the amazing spots of goa that are sure to make you feel loved and happy. These spots are going to attract to as well.

Fort agued:

This is a well-preserved type of seventeenth century Portuguese splendid fort. This fort is nestled on the Sinquerim beach in north goa. The spot was formed up as the prime defense of Portuguese against Marathas and Dutch. The construction was the most worthy and crucial fort of Portuguese. The fort is roofed by bushy battlements along with deep dry moat. Once you are here, there are two completely worth visiting things inside the fort are known as thirteen-meter-high lighthouse. It was built in the year 1864 and a bent cistern accomplished of storing around ten million litres of clean fresh water. Of course, the site is really memorable and lively. You can find good environs at this place. Once you are there, you can take some amazing shots for sure. You can be confident that you have a notable time here. Of course, the architecture of the fort is not that firm it used to be but it is worth visiting.

Calangute beach

Calangute beach is one of the most well-known beaches in goa. This beach is even the hugest beach in north goa. The beech is amidst the most current and enjoyed tourist places in goa and well-loved with both domestic and international tourists. Similarly, it is the beech that is even the fullest and commercialized beaches in goa during the top seasons. The beach is dotted with people from around the world. It owns a long coastline blended with a spectacular view of sea and the beach front is strewn with clubs, huts, restaurants and shopping outlets. You can even have fun at sports like water sports at this place during the season. Of course, the vibes of this beach are really peppy and hip. Whether you walk or stroll here during the day or visit there at night under the stars, you can have a lovely and spectacular time. The beach would not disappoint you in any way. There are venders who even offer juices, coconut water and much more. So, you can spend a good time at this beach.

Pandava caves

Around nine kms to the south of Bicholim town in north goa is located the 6th century splendid Pandava cave complex. Here you can even find Arvalem waterfalls. The cave complex is cleft into 5 compartments and the ‘linga’ preserved in the centre of compartment is thought in great respect by followers at this place. Similarly, another captivation close to the Arvalem caves is the well-known and adored Arvalem waterfalls. The water streams flowing down from a height of around fifty mts makes for a wonderful view. Similarly, there is even a park nearby from where you can conveniently see the waterfall as well as the fine lake at the bottom. The entire region is absolutely charming and worth visiting.

Baga beach

You may be knowing already that Baga beach is the most well-known and popular among all goa beaches and in case you are there in goa; you must go to this wonderful beach. This is a beach full of activities you can indulge in. Baga beach and it’s surrounded areas are not going to get you time to get bored. There is always something buzzing or the other to do at this spot. In the morning you can easily have beautiful strolls here and during the day basking in the sun is going to be a perfect idea. When you are on this beach you can even take snacks from the venders or the stalls that you may find here. Also, you can even dance and do party at different spots at this beach. If you like yoga, running, martial arts or so on; you can practice while you are on this beach. The surroundings of this beach are really welcoming and motivating. You would get a new spirit once you are here.

Bhagwan Mahavir wildlife sanctuary

You should go to Bhagwan Mahavir wildlife sanctuary if you really like animals and nature. It is located near Molem. It can be a charm and retreat for the wildlife and nature buffs and paparazzi. If you love nature then you can conveniently come across some sort of peace at this place in the middle of mother nature. Here you can spot huge animals like sloth bear, panther, mouse and other types of species. This is one of the prime wildlife sanctuaries in the realm of goa. You would also be captivated by an impressive variety of birds and pleasing flora and fauna that is there in this area. You must not miss out on it.


To sum up, when are you going to plan your visit to goa? This state is a wonderful place for any of you who are looking for a fresh and wonderful trip. Whether with friends or family; make sure that you book comfortable rooms in w goa for a lavish and comfortable stay.