When it comes to jewelry, one of the most common metals preferred by customers is yellow gold. Gold is always a top pick among many people and has been valued since ancient times. Gold is a metal valued for its radiance and natural beauty. It is likewise resistant to corrosion, rust, and tarnish.

A few gold facts

Although gold enjoys a high preference among jewelry lovers, pure gold is soft. Thus, it has to be combined with other metals to make it harder, stronger, and more durable. The purity of gold in a piece of jewelry is measured in carats, indicated by the symbol K.

The intense yellow hue of gold is what attracts customers, but it is rare for people to buy 24K gold since it is pure gold, which is very soft. It has to be mixed with other alloys to make it more durable and strong, so if you are planning to wear your necklace every day, choose one that is mixed with nickel, zinc, silver, or copper.

Most jewelry, such as your name necklace, is designed to be worn often. Some people wear their necklaces every day and do not even remove them while bathing or sleeping. Thus, gold has to be stronger, durable, and harder to withstand wear and tear.

The number of alloys mixed with the gold determines the price of the item. The more alloy the gold contains, the lower the price of the jewelry.  

Why is gold popular for name necklaces?

Among the metals that can be used for necklaces, gold is the most popular, especially this year. Gold equates to elegance, and since ancient times, it has been the perfect metal for many decorative items.

Gold is versatile. It comes in different colors according to its alloys. Aside from yellow gold, you can have white gold or rose gold. If you want your name necklace to stand out, you can incorporate gemstones in the design. Gold is a perfect match for most gemstones.

Gold is resistant to scratches, unlike platinum. It does not tarnish, which occurs in silver jewelry.

Understanding some termsur

When you’re shopping for gold jewelry, you will encounter some terms that may not be familiar to you. Here are a few of them.

  • Gold layering. It does not have a standard, and the jewelry could only have a thin layer of gold.
  • Gold leaf. It is fold-hammered until they get very thin sheets. Gold leaf, in 22K or 24K gold, is usually used for decorative purposes. If you visit a Buddhist temple in Thailand, you can buy a gold leaf sheet and apply it to a designated Buddhist statue.
  • Gold-plated. It is a prevalent label, which means that the jewelry has an inner metal core covered by a thin layer of gold.
  • Gold overlay. It is also called rolled-gold plated. This is similar to gold plated, but the gold layer is thicker.
  • Gold-filled. The material, such as copper or brass, is covered in gold.
  • Vermeil. It is sterling silver plated with a thicker gold cover.

Use the information we have here as a guide when shopping for a gold name necklace. It could mean getting a good quality necklace that you can use for a long time.