Because of the COVID-19 global pandemic, many people have been spending an inordinate amount of time cooped up at home. And while you love your house overall and feel quite comfortable there, these last few months have caused you to see its blemishes and flaws — starting with the furniture and interior decorating.

Of course, in a perfect world you would run out and buy all new couches, tables, bookcases and lamps — and also hire a crew to repaint the whole place. But in these uncertain times, the last thing you want to do is drain your savings account to refurbish the house.

Fortunately, it’s possible to give your peaceful casa a much-needed furniture and design facelift without breaking the bank. For inspiration, check out the following tips:

1. Check Out Thrift Stores

If you like the thrill of a treasure hunt — and don’t mind buying a couch, end table or dresser that was once in someone else’s home — then thrift stores can be a great option. In order to get the most out of your second-hand shopping experience, Goodwill advises you closely examine any and all pieces before buying them. 

For instance, if you spot an oak bedroom dresser that you adore, spend some time examining the piece for any potential cracks and blemishes, and make sure the drawers open and close easily. Additionally, sniff inside the drawers as you are testing them to check for odors of mold and mildew. And, if you always shop in the same local thrift stores, try heading to new neighborhoods, where you’ll find a new-to-you selection of furniture and accessories.

2. Look for Affordable Financing

Another budget-friendly way to fix up your home is to shop at a local furniture store that offers affordable financing options. For instance, if you’re in the market for a new sofa, find a retailer that not only has a stockpile of items but also offers a number of credit options, including credit cards with a minimum purchase amount but zero percent interest if you pay it off in a certain amount of time. In addition to affordable credit choices, retailers like Jerome’s also offer convenient services, like delivery and pick-up services, that you can set up to fit your schedule.

3. Overhaul What You Already Own

Another affordable way to modernize your home is to channel your inner DIY’er and make some needed updates to your furniture, accessories and walls. For instance, rather than donate the comfy easy chair you adore but which has faded fabric, spring for an affordable slipcover in a color you love. Moreover, if you like your lamps and the amount of light they emit — but the lampshades are hopelessly out of date — then look into buying replacements that will give them a stylish facelift. 

And if the boring all-white living room paint job has you yawning every time you try to binge-watch something on Netflix, consider repainting the room yourself. If you hire a professional to repaint one room, you can expect to pay between $2 and $6 per square foot. For a 12×15 foot living room, that could run you just over $1,000 — an amount you might not have in your budget. Instead, head to a local home improvement shop and buy a few gallons of paint for under $100 and you’ll wind up saving a ton of money, all while giving the room a whole new look.

Enjoy Your Upgraded Home

It’s got to be reassuring to know that you don’t have to rack up a ton of debt or put off buying some much-needed new furniture due to any financial constraints. But by looking for bargains on noteworthy items at consignment stores, applying for low or no interest credit cards at furniture stores, and revamping some of your pieces, your quarantine time at home will have you appreciating your beautiful home while keeping your bank account nice and healthy.