Do you love denim? If so, you’re not alone. After all, denim jeans have been on the fashion radar in American since 1853.

Denim is always a fashionable choice for your wardrobe, but how you wear it can change from year to year. If you’re ready to find out how you should be wearing denim this year, keep reading to find out the top jean trends 2020!

Light Washes Inspired By the 90s

When you think of 90s fashion, you probably think of bowl cuts, baby doll dresses, and stonewashed jeans. While the bowl cuts may not have cycled back, the light denim looks have.

If you’re looking to be retro and current all at once, get yourself some denim jeans in lighter shades. Acid washes and stonewash styles seemed dated years ago, but nostalgia and some upgraded pairings make them a trend worth trying.

Pair them with a simple t-shirt and some canvas kicks for a casual look, or upgrade to some boots and a button-down for a more dressed-up look. Some clever accessorizing elevates these jeans for a whole new generation of denim fans!

Try White Jeans

The emergence of white, beige, or ivory jeans has been another noticeable trend this year. Going with lighter colors is the perfect choice for a warmer summer day where you want more coverage — or a snowy winter setting.

Pair these jeans with light tennis shoes and a striped t-shirt for a classic summer look. Or wear them with a fuzzy sweater and some ankle boots to look fresh during the winter months. White is a fresh and daring choice bound to get noticed the next time you’re out on the town.

Buttons Everywhere

We think of buttons as being a functional part of denim clothing, but they also can add a decorative punch.

Buttons are an easy way to add texture and a little bling to a solid area of denim. And the trend this year is to let buttons have a bigger presence on the surface of your jeans. Buttons definitely are a subtle bit of accessorizing, but their presence can lift a pair of jeans from generic to noticeable!

Bootcut is Back

Bootcut was all the rage when we transitioned to the new millennium, but it faded after a few years in. This style has made a comeback, though, as many jeans wearers find it to be one of the most flattering fits. The big benefit of bootcut jeans is that they strike a middle ground between skinny jeans and 70s flare jeans.

With a gentle flare at the ankle, bootcut jeans provide more balance to the silhouette than a tapered-leg jean. You’ll look trim and proportional no matter what your shape or size. If you’re in the market for a new pair of jeans and want to play it safe, consider giving bootcut jeans a try.

High-waisted Flare

High-waisted jeans are another blast from the past that has gained in popularity over the past few years. Low-rise jeans were everywhere ten years ago, but the trend has reversed in favor of these jeans that hit at your true waist.

Most fashion experts agree that high-waisted jeans are a flattering choice for women. They accentuate an hourglass frame and highlight a skinny waist. And if you go with a flared opening in the legs, you’ll create an even more dramatic shape with your body.

The paper bag waist, a variant in the high-waist category, is also seeing a comeback. These high-waisted jeans are looser overall and cinched in at the waist. If you try these on, just be sure to wear a shorter top so you don’t hide the signature style at your midsection.

Skinny Jeans Aren’t Going Anywhere

Skinny jeans have been one of the popular jean trends of the past decade, and it looks to be one with staying power. Unlike flare jeans or bootcut, skinny jeans hug your legs from top to bottom and draw attention to your silhouette. For any type of body, these jeans are a flattering choice!

Pair them with ballet flats and a looser top for a sophisticated look. Wear them with penny loafers for a retro preppie look. Or grab a pair in black to look even more dressed up with your favorite pair of heels.

Skinny jeans look amazing with taller boots and a chunky sweater, so make sure to add a pair to your wardrobe. They’ll become your default choice!

Jean Trends 2020 Include Denim Jackets

Jean jackets are another style that has endured over the years. From boxier fits to trim and tapered styles, there is bound to be a look that will click with your style.

Throw on a denim jacket over a summer dress for added warmth during a cool evening. Or wear one as a shirt jacket while you’re out running errands.

And yes, you can double down on denim. It’s perfectly fine to wear your denim jack with a pair of denim jeans — even if the shade of denim is the same. Be confident and own your style!

Jean jackets are the perfect place to express yourself, too. This company offers custom patches that will personalize your jacket and add some color. Add a few to your sleeves or chest for instant conversation starters.

The Bottom Line

When you think of “jean trends 2020,” you’ll see that there is a range of fashionable possibilities. From retro trends to new takes on classic looks, there’s a denim style for everyone. Experiment, mix and match, and have fun building your own look.

When you’re ready to learn fresh tips on how to create your best lifestyle, check back with us for more articles!