“I like big butts, and I cannot lie” whether you like Sir-Mix-A-Lot or just the way Beyonce dresses, you are never behind in dancing to the tunes of style without a ‘but’. As enigmatic as the entire look you carry, it can become daunting to style a heavy bottom.

In the huddle of balancing, you might have never given a body-hugging piece like scrunch bum leggings a chance. Not anymore! Because there’s just one rule that rules the fashion world, and it’s ‘If you’ve got it, you gotta flaunt it.’

With these classiest of tips in your vanity, it’s a guarantee that you’ll be turning heads!

How Do You Tell If You Have a Heavy Bottom?

Your question is natural, and the answer is even more straightforward.

You carry a heavy bottom or a pear-shaped physique, if:

  • Your hips are more profound than your bust.

  • Your shoulders and upper body are narrower than your lower body.

  • You have an accentuated curve and an attractive waistline.

  • You have a plump bottom view.

  • Your lower body gains fat faster than your upper body does.

You might have troubled yourself enough over your fat below the waist, but it’s good news both in terms of the style and for health. The fat in your buttocks is always healthier than the fats in your stomach.

Stop beating yourself about the heavy bottom and embrace your curvaceous body from now on! Promise?

How Can I Style Myself Better?

You might have heard a thousand times that the trick to styling a pear-shaped body is in balance. That’s old school now! Nowadays, baggy clothes with biker shorts like scrunch bum leggings are making the news.

Here’s how you can flaunt your style!

  1. Dress to Impress

Your butt is no doubt the most impressive part of your body. You can choose to let go or draw focus on it. Maxi dresses, dresses with open backs, and a bodycon outfit will perfectly draw all the gaze to you!

Keep in mind not to wear the dresses too much, or else it can take away the attention from your curves.

  1. Sleek Affair with Pants

Whether you wish to go for a run or dress casually, your pants must have been a bit of concern for you. Wearing baggy trousers can be a disaster for your look. It’s time to show off the bottom that you worked hard to tone.

Your workout leggings should no longer be the ‘gym outfit’ only. Prefer the biker shorts that draw your bottom’s curves with a loose tee or a blazer to rock the fashionista-in-town look!

However, you should avoid mid-rise trousers if you have a short torso.

  1. Flatter Your Figure

Wearing a dark bottom with a light-hued top works like a charm for a heavy bottom figure. It lets the eyes trace the curves through the contrast offered.

Note: Always keep in mind that the pants should cinch your waist to bring out your second best feature, i.e., your waist! The focus is on the silhouette your clothing lets you bring out.

In A Nutshell

Every body type is unique. From figuring out what to wear while squatting to a casual look, a heavy bottom makes you think twice before going out. What you need to focus on is that your figure lets you stay healthy. With curves like that, you can work around your gym wear like scrunch bum leggings in the most stylish way.

Are you going to set the trend now?