Ask any surfer their favourite go-to destination for surfing and Costa Rica is guaranteed to be on top of the list. And rightfully so! It is heaven where there are sandy beaches stretching for miles, tropical temperatures perfect for watersports, an adventure tingling with excitement and a friendly locality of locals and tourists. If you are an adventurous surfer, sign up for a surf camp in Costa Rica and let the place etch a pining memory that makes everyone wish for more!

As if that wasn’t enough, here are some more reasons why Costa Rica is the best for surfers all over the world.

1. It’s A Sport Of National Interest: Surfing is the most popular sport in the country, and every business or community caters to it in one way or another. This means tourists won’t find any difficulty with regards to finding the right gear, coaching or resources to start their adventure. Authorities are pushing to make it more tourism-friendly in the coming years. Tourists can also sign up for a surf camp in Costa Rica, offered by many luxury resorts or surfing camps.

2. The Coastlines: Unlike most countries, Costa Rica has been geographically blessed with two coastlines, the Caribbean as well as the Pacific. So in case one goes offshore, tourists will have no problem jumping into the next.

3. The Waves: Costa Rica has never been registered for having big level waves, and since it has two coastlines, surfers can benefit from waves all year round. Thanks to the location, there’s no irregularity in wave formations, allowing surfers to enjoy themselves to their heart’s content. Remember, nothing beats a good surf!

4. Don’t Worry About The Budget: A trip to Costa Rica costs way less than the usual budget for other countries. This is one of the reasons why many flock to enjoy the beaches and tropical landscapes. Enjoy light dinners, dabble in the culture and explore the place at around 30 to 50 dollars a day.

5. Lots Of Other Activities: The coastlines are just the tip of the iceberg of adventures the country has to offer. Nature lovers will enjoy a hike across the biologically diverse landscapes, from stunning beaches to beautiful rainforests. Travellers can even visit the volcanoes riddled throughout the place, and the nearby towns offer lots of opportunities to socialise.

6. Perfect Place For Beginner Surfers: Having year-round waves is an advantage in itself. Additionally, the country also has many spots for risk-free surfing, suited especially for beginner level surfers. From point and beach breaks, river mouths and reefs, surfers can choose the point they wish and not just settle for any place to surf. But don’t think that the location is suited for only rookie surfers. For those looking to add to the thrill, the months of May to the end of November consist of high-level waves that reach up to 6 feet or even triple overhead levels. With so many spots available throughout the country, beginners, as well as advanced surfers, can enjoy sports without having to face crowded beaches or congested destinations.

Surfing is the perfect sport for those looking to boost their confidence and learn a skill that increases core strength and balance. With Costa Rica’s huge surfing community, beginners will have no problem finding friends and other like-minded individuals. Plus, no one can say no to spending time in the ocean, basking under the tropical sun!

7. When Day Winds Up: A long and hard day surfing will always merit a chance to wind down and relax. The nightlife in Costa Rica is the best solution for that. Enjoy a fun-filled atmosphere of partying and vibrance with the locals, backpackers from all over the world and other surfers. Towns near Playa Jaco and the town of Tamarindo are the popular hotspots, followed by several other surf towns that are easier to reach from the coastlines. With bars, vibrant clubs, restaurants and a huge array of other pursuits available, Costa Rica offers aspiring travellers a time they’ll never forget.