Every individual strives for the work-life balance and fails at it most of the time. There are different reasons for failure to achieve this balance.

Due to advancements in technology, our working hours have increased significantly and it is almost impossible to separate the working hours from personal life. It has made the work-life balance achievement quite difficult.

For mental well-being best alternate to the balance is work-life harmony as suggested by some psychologists. Work-life harmony is not the separation of work and personal life but arranging the different aspects of life in such a way that they can work together just like an orchestra. Scientific research paper writing service prepared this list of tips for you:

1. Making conscious choices:

Conscious choices are just like the conductors that are used to create harmonies by getting different instruments to work together in an orchestra. These are the choices that we need to make keeping in mind our passion, needs, and goals.

We need to decide on our time allocation for different activities that can be related to work or personal. We should make clear that what is more important to us. Such decisions will help us in specifying our time for work and also utilizing the remaining time in the best possible manner.

2. Working with Passion:

It is quite lucky if a person is doing the same job that is his/her passion as well. But not all of us enjoy that much luck and there is nothing wrong with it.

The important thing is what we are doing, we need to do that with passion. We should understand the real-life meaning of that work. We need to understand the contribution of our work towards society. Thinking this way will make us more interested in our work thus producing positive energy.

Research shows that a person is happier when he/she knows the meaning and impact of his/her work.

3. Working with People we like if Possible:

We spend a lot of time at our workplace, so for harmony in life, it is important to know the people we spend time with. The better the time spent at the workplace, the happier we will be in our daily routine. Again we cannot always choose the people we will work with, if you can choose, you should consider yourself lucky.

The best way is to build a good and healthy relationship with colleagues. Even if we don’t like them, we need to resolve the conflict for a better relationship.

Another alternate option for working with the people we like is to change our job, but this option should be considered when feasible.

4. Staying active and getting rest:

Both rest and exercise are critical for better brain functioning. They also have an impact on our productivity at work.

In such a busy schedule it is quite difficult to spare time for proper exercise. But small steps towards the right direction are better than nothing at all. We can add exercises in our daily routine such as cycling or walking to the workplace. Adding a few small exercises during work such as walking meetings and the use of a stand-up desk can help in staying active.

Getting proper rest is also important for the positive effect on health. Sleeping at a specific time daily and awakening at the same time will help in developing this routine.

5. Don’t let setbacks or obstacles overwhelm:

Everyone has some limitations and go through setbacks and obstacle in his/her life. How we deal with these issues is what sets the direction of our attitude. It is very important to remain positive and optimistic to become resilient in the face of obstacles.

We need to find a small moment of joy when things are not in the right direction and not in our control. For example, enjoying the music while knowing that you are stuck in a traffic jam and will be late from office.


These are a few techniques that can create work-life harmony and lead us to a happy life. The purpose of work-life balance is the same as the work-life harmony but later is easy to achieve in the modern world.

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