It is easy to look at some of the world’s best and brightest CEOs like Audrey Gelman and believe that they got to the position which they are in with ease. The reality however couldn’t be more different for these phenomenal men and women, and today we are going to take a look at some of the ways in which CEOs get to the position which they are in. 

There are many young boys and girls out there who would love to be in this career position, and here are just some of the ways in which they managed to get to the top. 


Many CEOs in the world got there thanks to the development of their own business ideas, which they were able to take from a small acorn to a big oak tree of success. Many people look at these men and women and they believe that they were an overnight success of something like that, the reality however is that they have toiled incredibly hard to get to where they are, and that is how they managed to become so successful. 

Working From The Bottom 

There are so many examples of CEOs who have started at the bottom of the company and slogged their way through management and into the boardroom. This is an incredibly tough route to take and  it is why there are so few CEOs who have arrived in their position having started in a small role and built themselves all the way to the top. Getting into management from this position is hard enough as it is, becoming the chief executive however is a giant leap and to do so requires an enormous amount of work and dedication. 

Migrating Skills 

This particular job role requires a certain set of skills, which can in fact be transferred to other sectors. What we see often see is that CEOs can come from one particular industry or sector and migrate across to another. What this requires is a great talent to lead and also a commitment to learn about a new industry, new products and new ways of working. This happens more often with CEOs which have worked themselves up to the position, than those who have taken their own business to dizzying heights. Often we see businesses looking to poach CEOs from other industries and companies, if they feel that they have the skill set to thrive in their industry. This is not always successful of course, but it is always worth trying in order to get the very best for your company

These are the most common ways in which these talented individuals rise to the top of their companies and take on these powerful positions. Many will look to study business prior to their ascension to become CEOs, but most individuals who take on this position have actually spent their years working in business and have learned through experience and doing rather than book learning. Truly incredible men and women.