Deeply embedded in the cultural past that is just as ancient as four centuries, Kolkata stirs up an intense response from the people who visit it.  The city’s quirks, congested market stalls, and luxurious splintering of Victorian architecture blended into the grimy neighbourhood are loved by those who enjoy its dreamy style. To absorb the beauty of Kolkata, there is a great deal to be done beyond its excellent languorous rhythm. Reaching Kolkata is not tricky. You will find ways like getting a ticket for Delhi, Mumbai, Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad, or Bangalore to Kolkata flights, trains or buses. Thus, it connects to all the major cities through one or other modes of transport.

Reasons to Visit Kolkata

1. Getting your sweet tooth indulged

Who doesn’t love sweets? The young, the old, the grumpy, the happy, sweets are everyone’s delicacy. So, if you are in Kolkata, you know what to feast on. Kolkata’s Rasgullas are famous worldwide. If you don’t join the people for a leisurely chat (adda) in a playground, you should indulge yourself with sweets made of palm jaggery. Get your wish list ready and savour sweets like Sondesh, Cham cham, Kaala Jamun, Sita Bhog, Kheer Kadam and Gaja. These sweets are readily available in hotels and local shops.

2. For going economical while shopping

If you have excellent taste in art and ethnic, Kolkata should be your place. With a wide variety of sarees and ethnic dresses, Kolkata’s local markets can provide you with Katha, Tussar silk, Dhakai, Tant, Baluchari and Bishnupuri Silk. This place usually turns people into a saree connoisseur. However, Kolkata doesn’t have just sarees to offer you. Head to the Newmarket, and you will have a wide array of silver jewellery, terracotta products and beautiful pots. So, take a Delhi to Kolkata or Bangalore to Kolkata flight or train/bus/flight to Kolkata from any place, and go back with many beautiful things on a budget.

3. For Tram Rides and Durga Pujo

Kolkata’s trams and Durga Pujo is known by everyone worldwide. It is one place where people are always on the go, but they are never in a hurry. For you to believe this, you have to take a tram ride. You will see people in huge numbers using it as their regular mode of transport and talking about quirky things, art and Rabindra sangeet.

However, the best thing about Kolkata is its Durga Pujo. Decked up in festivities, Kolkata is decorated like a bride during October when Durga Puja is around the corner. There are beautiful lights, big puja pandals, sounds from conch and bells, the Goddess, and the streets’ liveliness.

When should you visit Kolkata?

The best time to visit Kolkata is from October to February. This is a peak season because of Durga Puja and other local festivals. As this is the post-monsoon time, you will find your days very clear, nights very comfortable and a slight drop in the temperature. This is why this particular period is most conducive to tourist visits.