Whether you are a proud grandparent, aunt, in-law or friend, you will want to shower the precious baby in your life with heartwarming presents. Show your unbridled love and joy for the little one by gifting them a sweet and crafty present like the following.

  • Knitted Hats:

A snug knitted cap is an excellent way to keep a baby nice and toasty whenever they take a trip outside in the stroller. Remember to pick the best yarn for baby hats before starting your knitting project, because infants have sensitive skin that can be easily irritated by rough fabric — choosing a soft fiber will make sure that they are comfortable and happy. Bernat yarn is one of the top brands known for baby-friendly choices like Baby Blanket, Softee Baby Chunky and Pipsqueak. If you go to the website Yarnspirations, you can find these styles in lots of different colors and shades. They also offer a variety of patterns for adorable knitted baby hats and caps that you can use free of charge. Use this amazing website to get deals on Bernat yarn and to find patterns to follow and soon enough you will have a whole pile of brand-new caps ready for the bouncing baby in your life.

  • Animal Toys:

Babies get attached to their stuffed animals and plush toys so much that they carry their favorite toy everywhere they go, they cuddle next to it when they sleep, and they cry when their parents forget to bring it for trips outside of the house. If you want to make a truly special present for the baby in your life, you should crochet a little animal toy for them snuggle. Forget about giving them a traditional teddy bear and craft something a little more unique and unexpected — crochet a toy lion, giraffe, elephant, penguin, squirrel or even a fictional creature. You don’t have to recreate realistic images of these animals so be imaginative with your yarn colors and make a blue lion, a purple giraffe, a green penguin or a pink squirrel.

  • Baby Mobiles:

This is a gift that will take time to put together, but the results will always be absolutely gorgeous. There are plenty of cute DIY baby mobile ideas out there, depending on what crafting skills you are most confident about — if you can do origami, you can hang an assortment of paper swans, or if you love to sew you can make felted ducks. You can also make a dozen fuzzy pom poms with a thick or mega bulky yarn and hang them from an embroidery hoop. Here is a brief list of other creative suggestions that will help with your homemade baby mobile project:

  • Colorful yarn cages
  • Bows made with ribbon
  • Cut-outs of stars
  • Seashells

Soft knitted caps, crocheted animal toys and beautiful baby mobiles are all loving homemade gifts that every parent and baby will all adore. When they grow up, they will either pass down these sweet presents to their younger siblings or save them until they have children of their own.