Want to get the perfect cottage style in your modern home? These tips and tricks will be able to get you the best country cottage.

Cute and cosy homes are all the rage. However, people want the country cottage without the beams, the low ceilings and the small rooms. We’re here to give you the best tips to achieve your dream cottage without having to move house.


If you have a large, open room, you’ll want to give the appearance that it’s cosier than it actually is. You can do this by zoning parts of the room.

Take a large living room for example. You’ll need to separate the room into smaller pieces. Put the sofas close together rather than spread around the room. Add a coffee table in the middle and then put floor lamps around the sofas to keep it extra cosy.

Use a rug to fully zone the area. Put a rug under the sofas (so it reaches the back of the sofa) and the coffee table to keep it as one space.

With any spaces around this zone that look empty, add sideboards, lamps and other accessories to bring the whole room in.


When we think of English cottages, there’s normally a lot of dark wood, and green check patterns. There can also be plenty of floral patterns, or other naturistic touches such as stags, or animals in fabric too.

These kinds of patterns can be found in most interior stores. Julian Charles have a large range of bedding that would suit your country cottage.

Remember to mix different patterns too. Don’t be afraid and stick to the same one. To really achieve that cosiness, you need plenty of layers. So layer patterns, and use plenty of throws on beds, sofas and chairs.

Rustic decor

Cottages are all about rustic, natural materials. You should use lots of wood, particularly dark wood if the room can take it, in the furniture, and even your accessories.

You can buy wooden tealight holders, and buy a wooden beam to use as your mantlepiece. Different metals also work well with wood, so introduce brass or copper.

If you’re worried your room is too dark for these kinds of accessories, you can always lighten the room by adding light furnishings such as rugs, new curtains or light coloured throws. Shelving will also break up the colour on the walls.

These easy tips should help you achieve your cosy cottage in no time. Check out Julian Charles for plenty of other products too!