There seems to be an idea that an individual cannot enjoy the finer things in life if a fit and wholesome life is to be lived by them, but this idea is wrong. You can enjoy whatever you like, and you can be completely healthy when you do! To find two ways to do so, do read on:

Know the ramifications before you indulge, and moderate from there

It’s okay to indulge in all the things that you enjoy, whether it’s a burger at the weekend, a glass of wine, or a box of your favorite chocolate, but only if you do so in moderation.

To find the perfect level of moderation for yourself (everybody is different, and you should only ever work to your own standards), you should have an understanding of how your enjoyment is going to affect your health before you indulge in it. For instance, there are many ways how alcoholism affects the brain, such as the triggering of abnormal thinking and poor decision-making, and if a specific amount of alcohol consumption brings about such brain functioning for you, then avoid that amount in the future. By getting to grips with your limits in this way, and knowing the ramifications of going past it, you will keep the balance of pleasure and wholesomeness in your life on an even keel. Whatever your enjoyment in life may be, mandate and then moderate it accordingly.

Find ways to make what you find fun, healthy

The words ‘fun’ and ‘healthy’ do not always crop up together, but they can if you turn what you find enjoyable into a wholesome experience.

If your enjoyment stems from eating out, then consider holding back from ordering all those foods that are full of empty calories when you do. Instead of opting for a beef burger, why not try a cauliflower one? When you opt for the alternative in this way, you still hold on to the essence of what it is you like, but you get to revel in it without all the weight gain and the lack of vitamins. Or, if your enjoyment in life comes from visiting a particular area or building, try walking to get to and from it instead of having a lift or driving yourself. You’ll still be able to have your fun, you’ll just work on your physical fitness a bit before and after you do so!

If you’ve developed a taste for the finer things in life, then don’t stop yourself from indulging in them. There’s nothing wrong with having a vice if it brings you the downtime you need. But, ask yourself this; do you truly need to be indulging in it the amount you do? If you feel that you can cut down on your unhealthy fancy, which could mean taking certain nights of the week off from it, then do it. Doing so is the only way to have the fun you need to stay sane in life, and keeping your bill of health as clean as you need it to be.