Regularly consuming green tea has been linked to helping weight loss, reducing cholesterol, preventing heart disease and even slowing the development of wrinkles. The drink is practically considered to be miraculous because of the number of benefits it can bring — if you want to reap all of the physical rewards, here are five simple ways that you can get more green tea into your life.

1. Drink It

Replacing your regular caffeine fix with hot green tea is the simplest solution to receiving the great health benefits. If the taste of green tea is too strong for you, loose leaf blends mixed with jasmine or mint are widely available. Over-steeping your tea will also make it taste bitter — don’t leave the tea bag in the water for too long and stir in a teaspoon of honey for sweetness.

2. Snack On It

For a more unique and unexpected way to enjoy the ingredient, try it in MyMo Mochi’s green tea mochi ice cream. This cold snack is made up of premium ice cream wrapped in a layer of gooey and sweet rice dough. You can nibble on the delicious green tea ice cream right out of the box, or you can have it in a sundae anuse healthy alternatives to regular sundae toppings like honey drizzle, sesame seeds and fresh fruit.

3. Cook With It

The ingredient is best used for adding a subtle taste to delicate foods like rice or fish, instead of a heavier dish like steak. A foolproof way to include green tea into your cooking is to replace the hot water for steeped tea when you are making a pot of rice. If you want to get the flavor into your fish, you can use green tea in a marinade or you can find matcha powder and use it in a dry rub.

4. Bake With It

If you’re ever worried about the taste being too bitter, consuming green tea in desserts might be the easiest way for you to get used to it. There is no way that green tea will taste too strong in sugary treats like cheesecake, cookies, tiramisu or soufflé.

 5. Pamper With It

You don’t have to go all the way to a spa to pamper yourself with this special ingredient —you can easily make your green tea skin care treatments in the comfort of your own home. Add the ingredient to DIY exfoliating facial scrubs and cleansing masks, or place the tea bags underneath your eyes to reduce problems like puffiness and dark circles.

When you think about all of the good qualities that green tea has to offer, you should try to include the unbelievable ingredient into your daily life. Whether you drink it, eat it or add it to your personalized beauty routine, you will be able to take in all of green tea’s amazing health benefits.