In the century we are living in there is no lack of opportunities that can help you to make money. With the non-stop growth of the technologies to earn money while you are surfing online is quite easy and making money through the usage of social media platforms such as Instagram now become trendy. The number of people that are joining Instagram is continuing to rise all the time both for personal and business usage. There are billions of personal accounts and around 30 million business accounts. 

The reason why Instagram manage to gain so much popularity is that the content that people share on the social platform is visual – images and videos and it is proved that people prefer to consume information through pictures or videos rather than reading it. Moreover the mobile application allows its users to do many things that other applications don’t support. Both personal accounts and business accounts have many options to promote and popularize their goods and services.

If you are thinking of finding a way of earning money through the usage of Instagram continue reading this article and you will learn some tips and tricks that can ease the process of promoting yourself or your goods on Instagram. 

The first step is to choose the niche to which you will dedicate your account. It means that you need to find out what exactly you are going to post on Instagram. Your account might be related to food, travelling, fashion or many other activities. Of course you can make a mix of publications related to different topics. In fact Instagram supports running multiple accounts at the same time. This means that you are able to create two or more accounts and have access to all of them at once. So you may create a business account and upload content related only to your business niche and another account for a personal usage, where you can share pictures and videos from your private life with your family and friends. 

Once you choose your niche, the next thing that can be really useful is to join “an engagement group “on Instagram. An engagement group is a group of hundreds, even thousands of people that will interact with your uploads if you ask them to. They will expect the same thing from you when they upload content. Many social experts consider this way of growing your followers as a successful one because as many people interact with your content as the chances to have your uploads on the main page of Instagram are bigger. If your content pops up in this page called “Explore tab” your uploads will reach many people who are potential followers.

The truth is that getting the first 10 000 followers is one of the hardest things. Nowadays many people prefer to buy followers on Instagram from suppliers and get this number of followers almost instantly. However if you decide to join an engagement group you should choose a group that is specified in your niche. It is not recommended to be part of random groups that have nothing in common with your interests. 

If this strategy doesn’t help you to increase your sales or improve your business at all, it will at least build credibility for your brand for sure. 

One of the advantages of having a business account is that Instagram supports many more options on this type of account rather than personal ones. For example for users that are running business accounts there is a section that is called “Insights”. There you can find very useful information regarding your followers like their age, gender, locations, also there is information for you engagement rates and on the hours of the day when your followers are most active. 

Instagram is no longer just a mobile application for photo-sharing but also a social platform that has more than 3 billion users. It makes this social network really useful not only for entertaining usage but for business purposes as well. With the right strategy you can skyrocket your business or make yourself popular worldwide. 

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