Disasters can happen at any moment. Life is good one second and the next your cat breaks down or your electric bill is due. You’re left worrying about how you’ll pay for it and saying to yourself “I need 500 dollars fast.”

Don’t wrack your brains trying to figure out how you can get money fast. We’ve put together ways you can get $500 to pay your bills or take care of any issues you may have. Emergencies happen, so when you need cash fast remember these tips and you’ll have what you need in no time.

1. Sell Items Online or Have a Garage Sale

You’ve probably got lots of stuff that you don’t use anymore. Perhaps its old jewelry that’s been sitting in your dresser for months or kitchen appliances that you received as a gift, but never actually used.

If you want money fast, then why not sell these items on online auction sites, Facebook sales pages or sell them at a garage sale. You can turn your junk into a financial windfall.

2. Flip Craigslist Items for Cash

If you don’t have anything you can sell, then why not try to flip something on Craigslist. You’ve probably seen YouTube videos of people buying something cheap on Craigslist and then trading it for something else.

Slowly, they build up the item from something cheap to something worth selling. It can take a few days to flip the items into something worth $500, but it can be done.

3. “I Need 500 Dollars Fast” So Get an Online Cash Advance

A popular method of getting cash fast is through an online cash advance. This is a great way to get the cash you need without having to sell your items. You can apply and get your cash within a day or two.

You agree to pay the money back with interest. It’s a type of loan that you can use to use for anything that you need.

Do you want to know how to get a cash advance? Just visit the website and you’re on your way.

4. Drive people for Lyft or Uber

Do you have a functional car? You can connect with car-sharing sites like Lyft or Uber and take people to their destinations for money.

Some of the sites even offer bonuses for people that signup and complete 100 rides. If you live in an urban area, then you can get several rides throughout the day and night.

5. Search for Freelance Opportunities

Do you have special skills such as writing or computer programming? You can search Craigslist, Fiverr and other sites for freelance job opportunities that can pay fast. Many of these jobs are quick and pay as soon as you’re finished.

Be careful because there are people that may try to take advantage of you, so try to get at least half the money upfront if possible.

If You Need Cash, Get It Fast

If you find yourself saying, “I need 500 dollars fast,” then follow these tips and trick to get your money fast. You’ll raise the money in no time and be able to pay for whatever emergency happened.

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