Being in a hit and run accident can leave you with injuries and fears of driving again anytime soon.

That said your hope is that you get out of it without much in the way of injuries and damages to your vehicle.

So, could a hit and run change your life?

What to Do When You Are the Victim

When you’re the victim of a hit and run accident, here are a few things to remember:

  1. Make sure you are okay – To start, you want to make sure you are okay. Even a hit and run at low speeds has the potential to cause injuries. Either get checked out at the scene if medical personnel arrive or do it soon after. Among injuries to look for besides cuts and broken bones would be a possible concussion. You may have even suffered internal injuries and not have known it.
  2. How is your vehicle? – You also want to assess the damage done to your vehicle. If you are lucky, the damage is minimal at best. On the flip side, you may have damage that leaves the auto beyond repair. If this is the situation, the hope is you are able to track down the driver responsible for the incident. Not doing so can make it harder to get the matter taken care of. 
  3. Track down the driver- While you never want to take any matters into your own hands, tracking down the driver is key. There is a reason or reasons he or she fled the scene. They may have a criminal record. They might also have been driving drunk at the time they hit you. Unless you have an eyewitness or you caught their license plate, finding them can be hard. The hope is you or someone did get their license plate info. If so, you can go online to try and find the license plate owner. Finding them can lead the police to their home. Placing them at the scene can be done via before mentioned eyewitnesses. It can also be due to damage to their vehicle and more.
  4. Driving in the future – Moving ahead, are you going to be emotionally okay with driving again? For most drivers, the answer will be yes. There can be some drivers who will hesitate to want to get back out on the roads again. This is by all means understandable. A hit and run can be a nerve-wracking experience on different fronts. The hope is you are not affected by your experience and you will be able to comfortably get behind the wheel again.
  5. Being more alert – You may have been doing all the right things when you got hit and it still was not enough. That said do your best to focus even more next time you drive. Yes, there can be a lot going on out on the roads at any given time. Your goal is to remain focused and try your best to prevent becoming the next accident victim.

When you have been in a hit and run, how might it change your life?