Paris is one of the world’s most iconic cities, the French capital is a vibrant and chic metropolis which has long been a popular tourist destination for Americans heading to Europe. There are so many reasons to go to Paris, from cheap prices from the US such New York – Paris flights, not to mention the accessibility to Paris from Atlanta, L.A. and Boston to name just a few. If you are able to bag some good flights to Paris then here is why you are going to fall in love with this magical city.

Believe The Hype

Each city around the world has earned itself a reputation of sorts yet so few actually live up to the hype, here in Paris, the city of love, that is certainly not the case. There is romance in the air throughout the Parisian streets from couples toasting wine in the early evening to young lovers locking personalized padlocks on bridges which arc over the Seine. Love is very much the order of the day here.

Sensational Food

French cuisine has for a long time now been the benchmark by which every high end restaurant has looked to reach, and that has not changed. Your flight between Atlanta and Paris for example could whisk you away from Georgia and send you to the heart of one of the greatest fine dining experiences which you are likely to have. Excellence is what the French aim for, whether that is in a small bistro, a street food stall or a glitzy restaurant.

Chic and Cool

The fashion scene here is really something to behold and you’ll never get bored wandering the Champs Elysees, searching through high end boutique shops for a delightful new outfit. If you are a fashion lover then this is the city for you, with a range of high end and budget clothing stores which all have a strong focus on making you look gorgeous.


The range of views which you can find of this city are incredible and that is because in the center, the majority of the landmarks are very much out in the open. You’ll catch all types of angles of the Louvre art museum and the Eiffel Tower as you wander the city, a cruise down the Seine will offer up delightful views of the cathedrals and churches of the city, and it is in these moments that you realize the true splendor of what Paris has to offer.

No matter where you fly from in the US, be sure to make Paris your final destination.