Having a healthy relationship with customers is essential to avail a positive brand image. A brand needs to work on creating awareness about itself and then getting customers to trust them. If customers can trust your brand, you will gain loyal customers who will return more often to make more purchases.

  1. Brilliant customer service

The essential and most crucial step to make customers trust your service and brand is to provide excellent customer services. Accommodating them efficiently, solving their queries, and putting in the extra effort is enough to get the job done effectively. The trick to maintain a good relationship with the customers is to add a personal touch to help in bringing reactive business.

You will retain not only loyal customers this way, but also increase the number of potential customers. In a survey, 83% of customers said that they would also recommend a business or service provider to others.

The above said can be achieved by providing training to the staff accordingly on how to keep the customers satisfied. As Richard Branson once said, keep your employees happy, and they will keep the clients more satisfied.

  1. Loyalty card

One of the best ways to retain your customers and turn them into loyal ones is to provide them with incentives. Providing them with discounts and bonuses is a strategy that will always work because it benefits both parties.

The customers always appreciate rewards and the brand. They also feel privileged when they receive loyalty cards. If they do not take advantage of such offers and avail them, they feel like their money will get wasted if they go elsewhere, so it is a smarter choice to avail products at discounted rates. Loyalty cards act as positive reinforcements and ensure customer returns. Pavlovian studies suggest the human behavior can be modified easily with conditioning and reinforcements.

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  1. Post reviews

Hearing from other consumers will make prospective buyers more comfortable, giving your business a chance. Reading reviews of the product makes the customer understand different perspectives and decide if they want to opt for a specific product or not. The comments also provide extra information, for example if you’re buying a skin product and you read in the comments that it is not suitable for oily skin, you will learn about extra information for an experienced customer, something not mentioned about the product, you will have a better understanding of which product to opt for your skin type after reading feedback. The customers tend to trust other users with experience of your services rather than solely your brand promotion. They prefer relying on the experience of long term customers in the reviews.

  1. Always ask for feedback

The second most important thing to you after customer satisfaction should be customer feedback. Always ask for customer feedback, reviews, advice, and input. The customers’ feedback can make or break your brand. The best way to go about it is to ask about their customer’s experience with their brand. Ask them about the details, ratings, and a suggestion they would like to provide. Then work on those suggestions to elevate customers’ experience and to increase those rating numbers. The consumers will not only feel heard and necessary, but it is also an asset for the brand itself. Consistently working on the betterment of the brand is the key to strengthening your brand.

  1. Personalize your brand

Potential customers will be more inclined to your brand if it has a personal element to it. Something that appeals or inspires the customers. One way to achieve this is through implementing CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) to your brand. For example, Body Shop is against animal testing; hence, people investing in Body Shop will feel a sense of responsibility towards the community and believe they are contributing to the good in society through their brand.

Another example is how Nike does this through its personalized advertisements for minorities. It promotes people with real stories, and such small changes make your brand seem more human than corporate.

  1. Availability

If you want your business to thrive, you need to be present 24/7 for your customers and respond to their queries. An immediate response is what customers expect and considered exceptional customer service. Online live chat options should be readily available so that customers’ can share any concerns or feedback instead of them having to wait for 3 to 5 working days for a response via email.

  1. ‘About us’ page

This introductory page is a bonus you can provide for your customers. All details about how your brand came into being, what it sells, and information about their policies and procedures. This way, consumers will know what to expect from the brand.


Building trust equals to building a better brand. We hope this concludes some insightful strategies which will assist you in having a better relationship with your customers and give a boost to the brand.

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