Launching a new product or looking to get more eyes on your business? If so then a trade show is a great opportunity for you to do exactly that. Trade shows gives you the chance to deals with there businesses, to showcase a new product to a wide range of interested customers and to really make a splash which will help to build your brand. The key to getting the traction which you are looking for is to absolutely nail the trade show, leaving people discussing your company for days and weeks to come. In order to make sure you deliver, here is where you should be focussing your energies.

Set Up

The first thing which you need to think about is how you will present your business and what will go into the design of your tradeshow stand. There are some award winning exhibition stands which you can find online to take inspiration from, or perhaps even invest in. When you consider just how overwhelmed attendees will be at this trade show, you will begin to realize the importance of standing out from the crowd, do that and step one will be complete, bringing the people in.


You are going to need a couple of members of your team with you in order to deliver an awesome experience for visitors, and getting the right people is essential. Whilst you may be tempted to pick the person with the most in-depth and technical knowledge, what you should really be looking for here is the members of your team with the best customer service and who can comfortably speak about the product and its features, or the business in general.


A pretty tradeshow stand won’t be enough to really bring the people flocking so you also need to give them a little incentive like a giveaway. The first thing to remember here is not to just do the same thing that everyone else is doing in giving away a pen or a lanyard, nobody is going to come in if they think that this is all they’ll get. Last month I was at a trade show where one company were handing out ice cream, and they were packed! Remember that the giveaway is just the bait, once they are there, you need to deliver.


A trade show is not as simple as just rocking up with some products and a stand, expecting to secure future sales for your business . This should take a lot of planning in order to execute well. You need to ensure that your staff are on board and understand what is expected of them, products should be carefully selected and if they are working models then you have to ensure that they are 100% operational. You must also bear in mind the need for a backup, both in terms of staffing and products and finally you should be hitting social media heavily in the weeks leading up to the event.

Plan and prepare well if you want to make a success of your next trade show.

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