If you currently own a dog or are looking into getting one soon, it is essential to understand everything there is to know about owning a dog. There are over 90 million dogs in the US, and many owners do not know much about their furry-roommates. 

This includes knowing the answers to common questions about dogs, such as their behavior, health, safety, and more.

Being a “paw-rent” has its perks, such as the feeling of unconditional love, acceptance, exercise, and connection. This is what makes most dog owners feel that their dog is a friend and not their pet

But sometimes, your pet can do the most peculiar things that remind you that they are not human, after all. 

So what are the common questions about dogs, and more importantly, what are the answers?

We compiled this list of funny questions about dogs, to help you further understand your canine friends. Keep on reading to learn more!

1. Why Do My Dog’s Feet Smell Like Corn Chips?

It may sound crazy to read, but one of the most popular Google searches about dogs is asking why their feet smell like corn chips. 

This odor is common because of the Pseudomonas bacteria that grow on their paws, due to moisture buildup. There is no need to worry; this smell is completely safe and normal. If it changes, that is a different story.

2. Why Does My Dog Wag Its Tail?

You know how we can express our emotions through crying, laughing, smiling, and screaming? Well, this is the same for dogs, but it is through the movement of their tails.

When a dog wags its tail, it is a sign of strong emotion, and while most people believe it is happiness, it is excitement, whether its good or bad. Some dogs wag their tails when they are happy, and others when they are scared.

3. How Clean is My Dog’s Mouth?

There is a common misconception that a dog’s mouth is a clean ecosystem. Their mouths are swimming with numerous forms of bacteria. 

Thankfully, the bacteria only sticks to canine’s so you do not have to worry. However, you want to make sure they are up to date with their shots!

4. Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

Dogs are very instinctual creatures, so if they notice a sweet-smelling blade of grass in the spring, of course, they are going to eat it! There is nothing wrong with a pet if they are eating a bit of grass here and there.

However, if this becomes an obsessive problem, it could be a sign of an underlining health issue in the digestive system. Plus, too much grass intake could lead to grass impaction, as it is hard to digest.

5. What is That Lump On My Dog?

Don’t panic! Most of the lumps found on canines are benign and not cancerous. It is tough to say without a professional checkup, though, so make sure you take your dog into the vet just to be safe. 

Dogs have five main lymph nodes that can be felt on the outside of their bodies. They are found behind the knees, inside the groin, under the armpit, in front of the shoulders, and under the jowls.

If these lymph nodes become enlarged, this could be something to worry about, as it is a sign of cancer or infection.

6. Why Does My Dog Always Lick Me?

Scientists believe that there are several reasons why your dog loves to lick your face.

  1. A sign of love. When a dog licks, it boosts endorphins into their blood and makes them feel comforted. 
  2. This could be an instinct of wanting you to regurgitate food for them or feed them. 
  3. You may just taste nice, due to your body lotions, scented perfumes, etc. 
  4. It is a sign of submission, recognizing the respect they have for you as their master or Alpha dog.
  5. Possibly a sign of anxiety, if the licking is out of control. 

The most common belief overall is that it is just a sign of endearment. Your dog is showing you love and affection, strengthening your bond.

7. How Long Are Dogs in Heat?

A female dog is in heat for two to four weeks. You will be able to tell how long her cycle lasts by checking her inflamed vulva, and looking for any discharge or bleeding.

Some dog owners have found it useful to place a diaper on their dog while it is in heat, while in the house. This can limit the mess in your house and also help you to check up on the amount of blood discharge.

8. Why Does My Dog Smell My Crotch?

A dog’s nose can smell up to 10,000 times more than a human being can, which explains a lot of their odd behavior regarding their nose. Dogs have a special organ, called the vomeronasal organ, which helps to decipher the smells.

Our sweat glands emit pheromones which contain information such as sex, age, sexual mood, etc. So your dog is probably just deciphering information, in an attempt to understand you better.

9. Which Dogs Are the Best Emotional Support Dogs? 

After a lot of research, the number one breed for emotional support dogs is the labrador retriever. 

The labrador retriever has a very calm, yet energetic demeanor that can lift the spirits of just about anyone’s mood. Plus, they are extremely intelligent and intuitive animals, which makes them a perfect scout for upcoming anxiety attacks, or other episodes.

10. Why Does My Dog Walk in a Circle Before Laying Down?

Your dogs’ instincts go back much further than doggy beds, so their circle activity is just them “flattening out the den” or tall grass before they lay down. 

Your Questions About Dogs Answered 

There you have it! A complete rundown of uncommon and interesting questions about dogs that you need to know.

Being a dog owner has many benefits, and now that you understand your pet a little bit more, you can help teach others about the cool and unique facts about your furbaby. 

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