The average cost of roofing replacement with materials such as asphalt shingles is $24,700. Replacing a roof is one of the most expensive home renovation projects a homeowner undertakes. Yet, you might not have options when dealing with a compromised roof.

When you decide to have a roof replacement, having it done in the best way will save you unnecessary costs and dangers. You need to consider several factors when it comes to roofing.

If you’re about to undertake a roof replacement project, you’re lucky. Here are 6 roof replacement tips that will help you as you prepare for the renovation.

1. Avoid Roof Overs

Just like any homeowner, you want to save some bucks on home renovation projects. A roofing contractor might suggest adding a new roof to the old one. While the installation will be cheaper, the effects in the long-term might be too expensive.

It would be best to remove the old roofing, which will help to detect and address problems below the old shingles. Besides, a layer of new roofing can add extra weight to the roof, making it less durable. Dealing with double-duty tear might lead to roof replacement considerations earlier than you expected.

While negotiating for friendly roof replacement quotes, avoid embracing the idea of re-roofing to save costs. You might cut on disposal and labor expenses but end up spending highly on issues that were unnoticeable during the project.

2. Know the Size of Your Roof

Your roof size will determine the materials you’ll need for the total completion of the project. A roofing contractor will measure your roof to give you a price estimate. Without knowing the approximate size of your roof, you wouldn’t know how to go about buying materials or negotiating for better prices.

The measurement is usually in squares. Typically, a square covers 100 square feet. If your roof is 30 squares, the surface area to be covered will be 30,000.

Understanding this lingo will give you leverage when dealing with a roofing contractor. Your roof replacement contractor should be aware that you know the best roof for homes. Besides mentioning the size, you can ask your roofing contractor more about roofing materials.

3. Protect Your Décor and Attic

One of the things to know when replacing a roof is the extent of vibrations, which can have significant implications in your home. The machinery and hammering on the roof can make your home vibrate, especially when there are repairs on the deck.

You need to remove pictures or knick-knacks hanging on your walls or ceilings. You might also want to remove some of the décor pieces on the wall. Light fixtures such as chandeliers can also be damaged during roofing.

The pounding on the roof can drop debris that might fall and destroy your attic spaces. It would be advisable to cover your items with sheets until the roofing project is over. This preparation is one of the roof replacement tips that you’d want to consider a day before the roofing contractors start the job.

4. Identify Power Outlets

Power outlets are necessary throughout the roof replacement project. You will need external power for ease of accessibility. If you lack any of these, your garage outlet will be adequate.

For homeowners who don’t have either of the options, extension cords can help get the needed power outside. These cords will have to run through a door or window. Unfortunately, the setting is prone to hazards as the workers and home occupants might trip.

Since a roof replacement project isn’t a decision you make in a night, you have adequate time to get an exterior outlet. With this option, you’ll save yourself and the contractor unimaginable frustrations. An exterior power outlet can prove useful for other home projects.

5. Choose a Reliable Contractor

The International Labor Organization estimates that the number of occupational accidents is 340 million each year. The construction industry is one of the high-risk sectors in workplace accidents. With such figures in mind, it would be advisable to work with a highly skilled and experienced contractor.

Getting a competent contractor is one of the roof replacement tips that you should prioritize. An experienced roofing company has well-trained workers. Besides, such a firm has systems in place to address most of these accidents.

Shop for a licensed and insured contractor. You’ll rest easy knowing you have entrusted your home to a person who is aware of local building regulations and codes. A reliable contractor should also have a warranty and necessary permits.

You can get a contractor from referrals. Online platforms such as Angie’s List can give recommendations on some of the best roofing contractors near you. Once you identify like three highly recommended contractors, vet each of them.

6. Avoid Making Decisions Based Solely on Pricing

If there’s one of the projects you don’t want to compromise on, it’s your roof. Arguably, the roof is one of the projects that will have you digging deeper in your pockets. You need to plan for this renovation.

While you’d want to save some bucks, getting quality materials for your roofing should be a priority. The value you will get will be worth the investment. This position doesn’t mean that it is meaningless to shop around for competitive prices.

You should ask your roofing contractor if the quoted prices cover all aspects of roof replacement. Some of these roofing elements include ventilation, fasteners, the protective covering, inspection, removal of the old roofing, and disposal.

Seek bargains on services but ensure that the products you purchase are high-quality. The move will prevent you from unnecessary roof repairs.

Roof Replacement Tips Can Help a Homeowner Who Is Renovating Their Roof for the First Time

If you want to embark on home renovations, the listed roof replacement tips can be a great starting point. You can get a variety of other basics that will ensure that your roof replacement project is successful. Once you get a reliable contractor, you will benefit from the guidance and a well-completed roofing project.

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