Planning a vacation can be a fun and exciting part of taking a trip. From looking at different itineraries and planning things to do to checking out various places to stay, there is a lot to do when you are considering a trip. However, one aspect that many people overlook when planning a trip is travel insurance. Peace of mind is priceless when you are traveling, and a solid travel insurance policy will help to make sure that your trip is protected.

Travel insurance is designed to protect you against numerous unexpected events when you are on a trip. No matter if you are traveling abroad or domestically, trip insurance coverage can help with costs for things like illness and injury, luggage issues, and cancellations. Depending on the type of policy you select, you can ensure that you are protected from a wide range of events that could halt your trip. It is estimated that Australians take about 97.8 million overnight trips internationally and domestically each year. With so much traveling, it makes sense that many Aussies would want to make sure that their trips are insured.

If you are planning a trip this year, it could be very beneficial to check out travel insurance to safeguard your plans. Similar to other types of insurance, it is always a good idea to compare rates and plans. Finding affordable travel insurance is quick and easy and could prove to be an invaluable investment on your trip. Let’s take a closer look at travel insurance in Australia.

What does travel insurance cover?

Travel insurance can provide solid peace of mind that you will be financially protected should you run into any problems while on vacation. While no one likes to think about something going wrong on their trip, it is always best to plan for the unknown, just in case. Travel insurance can cover a wide range of financial costs due to unforeseen accidents or incidents on your trip. Among one of the biggest concerns while overseas or in a foreign area is medical care. Should you encounter a medical emergency and require a hospital or doctor, a travel insurance policy could help you cover some of the expenses.

Aside from any illnesses or injuries, you might also encounter delays and cancellations, as you are at the mercy of the weather and transportation companies. An insurance policy will help shield you from the losses of a prepaid trip due to delays, cancellations, or rescheduled plans. Additionally, you can also rest assured that your luggage and personal effects are covered if they are lost, stolen, or damaged.

What types of travel insurance are available?

In general, you have the option of purchasing travel insurance for one trip or for an entire year of trips. Purchasing an insurance plan for one trip is like temporary insurance. A single-trip policy will cover medical expenses, travel cancellations and delays, and other potential issues for the duration of a trip. When you pay the policy in full, the coverage will extend to all aspects of your trip. If you are planning on taking several trips over the course of the year, however, you might opt for multi-trip or annual travel insurance. This type of insurance is similar to purchasing other forms of cover as a premium for a full year of insurance. Depending on your plan details, you might experience various levels of benefits with either plan. Shopping around will help you find the best policy for your needs.

Given the current situation with COVID-19 in the world, travel plans can be very fluid and subject to last-minute restrictions and cancellations. As a result, it is more important than ever to protect your upcoming trip with travel insurance. From student travel and group travel to family vacation, anyone planning a trip can benefit from a solid travel insurance policy.