If you have run into some legal troubles and need to find a great lawyer, it is important that you understand exactly what you should be looking for in a great attorney. There are some fantastic lawyers about but unfortunately there are also some lawyers who fail to give proper attention to their clients, or who are heavily overworked. Last year I learned what to expect in a lawyer after trying many firms before using the wonderful team at Prime Lawyers, who were extremely helpful, visit their site to find out more about them. And so,in order to get that great lawyer, here is what you should expect from them when they are dealing with your issue.


It is of course absolutely vital that you have a lawyer who is highly professional, and one that respects your business. Professionalism in this situation will come down to dressing appropriately, speaking to you appropriately, and that they work in a smart office which makes you feel comfortable.


You don’t necessarily have to like your lawyer, that is simply a bonus, but you do need to respect them, and they you. Remember that you may be spending quite a lot of time with this person depending on the case, so you need to make sure that you feel relaxed speaking with them, and that they give you the strong impression that both you and your views are respected.

Track Record

Whilst new lawyers may not like this, you should be looking for a lawyer who has a great track record. This is not to say that you should only be looking for lawyers who have won every case, these are a rare find, and likely an expensive one. What you should be asking your lawyer for however is evidence of their success rates on cases such as yours.


It really helps to have a lawyer who is available whenever you need them, within reason of course. This is true in a number of different cases when you may want some assistance with something, perhaps you want to ask a question or even update some information with your legal professional. Lawyers work very long hours and they are generally available for most of it, if you find a lawyer that has restricted hours, it could cause you some frustration.

Value For Money 

Hiring a lawyer doesn’t come cheap so you really need to ensure that you are getting the most value for your money. Something to bear in mind here is that you are not paying for a lawyer to be nice to you or to look smart, but you are paying the lawyer to win the case for you. Obviously you won’t know exactly what value for money you will have from they lawyer until the case is over, but you will be able to get an idea pretty quickly as to whether you have invested wisely or not.

Nobody likes legal trouble, so having a great lawyer on side is really worthwhile.