Ever wondered why Chinese restaurants are so popular both in Australia and all around the world?

What is it about traditional Chinese food and Chinese restaurants that lures so many people through their doors every single day of the year?

Let’s learn more about Chinese restaurants and why Chinese cuisine is one of the most widely consumed foods on the planet.

 Chinese Restaurants Are Everywhere

It’s a well-known fact that most major cities have a Chinatown. Chinese have always been avid immigrants all around the world and Australia is no exception. With so many Chinese coming to our shores – whether they set up a restaurant in a Chinatown somewhere or not – you’re bound to find a decent Chinese restaurant near you no matter where you live in Australia.

Opening a restaurant or Chinese takeaway has proven to be a popular choice of Chinese migrants as a way to earn a living in this country and it’s one of the reasons why there are so many Chinese eateries wherever you go.

 Chinese Cuisine Offers Value For Money

Some restaurants and takeaway food outlets offer all you can eat deals, and one of the most popular types of restaurant to offer this deal is a Chinese restaurant. Basically you pay a set amount and you can eat all you want for that sum.

Even Chinese restaurants and takeaways that don’t offer an all you can eat buffet will still offer decent prices and value for your dollar. Chinese has always been a popular dining out choice with families and groups, because the food is good and the prices are fair and reasonable.

 Chinese Food Is Often Very Healthy

Of course, this will depend on the restaurant and what you order, but there are many traditional meals on a Chinese menu that are loaded with vitamins and nutrients and are very healthy. Quite a few Chinese dishes are loaded up with green vegetables, particularly soups and stir fry.

Try and avoid any meals high in oil content and unhealthy fats. There will be options like this on a Chinese menu as well, but there are plenty of good, healthy choices to be had. Restaurants tend to offer better options in this regard as compared to the Chinese takeaways you might fight in a food court in your local shopping mall. Even still, it’s likely a healthier choice than some other takeaway meal options.

 There Is Great Diversity

When it comes to Chinese cuisine, there is a lot of diversity. Different restaurants will likely offer up different menu options. Chinese culture is one of the oldest in the world. Therefore, the range of meals has been expanded over the centuries and every part of China is renowned for its own individual cuisine and unique flavours.

This diversity has been brought to Australian shores, so just because you’ve eaten at one or two Chinese restaurants, that doesn’t mean you’ve sampled everything that Chinese culinary tradition has to offer.

 Chinese Restaurants Are Casual and Comfortable

One of the drawcards of the average Chinese restaurant is they offer a casual dining experience. You can kick back and relax, enjoying a meal with family and friends without feeling uncomfortable in any way. Many restaurants are fully licensed, while others will offer the BYO option.

With Casual dining at a Chinese restaurant, it makes it the perfect choice for kids, celebrating a birthday party or some other special occasion, a cool and relaxed environment to enjoy your favourite beverage before, during and after a meal, and you’ll be treated with quality table service in most places.

 Find a Chinese Restaurant Near You

You’ll have very little problem finding a Chinese restaurant somewhere in your neighbourhood, but if you don’t know where one is located, just search online for your location. For example, if you are in Sydney, try a search for:

If you want to be more specific, include your suburb in the search.

Chances are, someone you know can recommend a Chinese restaurant that will offer good value for money and some awesome food choices.

Next time you’re thinking of dining out, choose a Chinese restaurant.