Roger Wolfson is a well-known writer on major TV series like Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and Saving Grace. But his career as a writer began when he first studied law, and he’s used his legal background to hone his skills, first as a political writer, and then as a writer on television. 

Where did it all begin? Let’s find out.

An Education in Law and Writing

Roger Wolfson first studied Theater at Vassar, but he realized early on that he loved writing, so he followed this up with a master’s degree in Writing at John Hopkins. Still, he wasn’t satisfied, so he decided to study law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. While Wolfson earned his Juris Doctorate degree, which is the highest law degree you can earn, he continued to hone his writing skills by serving as editor on the Comparative Labor Law Journal. 

From there, Roger Wolfson worked as a lawyer for Littler, Mendelson, as well as a firm his mother founded. Wolfson is a member of the bar in Washington D.C. and Connecticut, New York, and also the Supreme Court. His area of expertise is civil rights and criminal justice, which has helped him enormously when writing scripts for TV shows with a legal angle. 

TV Writing Credits

One of Roger Wolfson’s first TV writing credits was for the opening episode of Century City, a legal drama starring Viola Davis, which premiered in 2004. The series was set in futuristic Los Angeles, 2030, but was canceled after only four episodes. If you watch the old episodes, look out for a young Meghan Markle in an early role. 

Wolfson soon realized he enjoyed the fast-paced world of TV writing, and he went on to work on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, which opened in 1999 and is still on the air. Roger was able to offer some great input while working on the writing team, thanks to his background in law. He’s also worked on Fairly Legal, a legal comedy-drama, which aired in 2011 on the USA network. The series ran for two seasons and starred Sarah Shahi and Michael Trucco. Roger Wolfson also has writing credits on the Closer, a police procedural drama starring Kyra Sedgewick as an LA Police Department deputy chief. The Closer first aired in 2007 and ran for seven seasons. 

Political Speechwriter

Roger Wolfson has also used his knowledge of the law to work as a political writer. He’s written many speeches for political candidates, serving US Senators, and other important figures, such as heads of state overseas and in the US. 

Roger also has a well-established column in the Huffington Post, where he regularly imparts his thoughts on all manner of topics, including the law and politics. 

Through his regular contributions to the Huffington Post, Roger Wolfson has become a much sought after guest speaker and thought leader, where people are keen to hear his thoughts on the law, politics, and a host of other topics.