It looks like you’re looking for the perfect casino bonus information, aren’t you? I can help you with that! I’m a casino lover and I like to find the perfect online casino bonuses, including online casino welcome bonuses without a deposit. In this article, you’ll be introduced to different online gambling bonus types!

A casino bonus is when an online casino offers its players something to encourage them to try out. This bonus can come in different forms. Most casino providers offer that you then receive free spins, bonus money or a casino bonus with a minimum deposit. Most casinos offer bonuses as part of a welcome package or as specific promotions at a specific time.

Popular types of casino bonuses

In the casino world, there are a number of different casino bonuses that players can choose from. As a rule, casinos always offer a great welcome bonus for players when they first register, with which you can test the casino risk-free. As a rule, this is awarded as a welcome bonus and is usually made possible in free spins. But some bonuses come as match-up bonuses, high roller bonuses, casino bonuses without deposits, betting bonuses and cashback. We have listed below what the individual bonuses usually mean.

1. Welcome bonus

The casino welcome bonus, also known as the registration bonus, is a kind of gift from the online casino to greet you for your registration. This is a little different in every casino, but mostly you get some free starting credit that you can use.

Most of the time, some credits are set by the casino that corresponds to a predefined percentage of your first deposit, usually 100% or more. In other words, the casino will then double the first deposit you made.

2. Free spins bonus

A free spin is essentially a free bet on a slots machine that can be used to award winnings like a regular spin. If you have free spins on a particular game, nothing will be deducted from your balance when you click “Spin”.

Many 888 casino games like blackjack and roulette include a free spins bonus round, but you must win this by playing the online casino games. However, free spins from casinos are automatic and can be used immediately.

3. No deposit bonus

A no deposit bonus is a redeemable bonus that you can receive from an online casino without making a deposit.

To receive this bonus, all you have to do is register with an account at the casino. This is usually done very quickly and stating your full name and email address. For example, you receive a small amount of bonus money, which you then have registered as a credit in your account and can then redeem it for various online gambling options.

4. Deposit bonus

As you can already see from the name, a deposit bonus is a type of bonus that you receive in the casino as soon as you make a deposit in real money in the casino. In other words, you need to deposit funds into your account to unlock the bonus.

For this, you have to register in advance and also specify a means of payment of your choice and top up money accordingly. Once this is done, the casino will then credit you with the bonus. Most of the time, your credit will be doubled. So if you deposit $ 50 in cash, this will be converted into $ 100 in play credit that you can then use.

5. Deposit match bonus

This bonus type is closely related to the amount you deposit in a casino when you first enter. Let us make this clear with an analogy. Think of the casino deposit as a cool, high-tech machine that is used to clone things (let’s just pretend it looks like a microwave).

Then imagine you put 50 euros in the device, close the door and then press a button. The machine beeps, you open the door and surprisingly, the money has doubled to 100 euros. This is exactly how this bonus works. Every casino has different percentages by which to multiply their deposit amount. This can go from 10-500%, which is different for each provider. The higher the amount, the more playing conditions are of course attached to it.

Here again at a glance how it works exactly:

  • 200% deposit bonus. Let’s say you deposit $ 50, $ 50 is 100%. With the 200% deposit bonus, your deposit amount is then doubled to $ 100.

  • 300% deposit bonus. Let’s say you deposit $ 50, $ 50 is 100%. With the 300% deposit bonus, your deposit amount will be tripled to $ 150.

  • 400% deposit bonus. Let’s say you deposit $ 50, $ 50 is 100%. With the 400% deposit bonus, your deposit amount will then be quadrupled to $ 200.

  • 500% deposit bonus. Let’s say you deposit $ 50, $ 50 is 100%. With the 500% deposit bonus, your deposit amount will then be quintupled to $ 250.

6. Cashback bonus

The cashback bonus is not offered by every casino but has made it in more and more casinos in recent years. Basically, a cashback bonus is a refund of bonus money or sometimes even real cash that is returned to your account if you lose money while playing.

This is an additional means that online casino operators use to give players another chance to play casino games and allow them to recoup the lost money the next time they play.

7. Free cash bonus

Another popular type of casino bonus is a free cash bonus. This is a bonus offered by select casinos. Here, the players are given free money to play so that the players can try out the software and the online casino games on offer.

No deposit is required for this type of bonus. Free cash bonuses are among the best bonuses that can be found in the casino world because you can try the casino for free and even win real money. As a rule, however, these are not as high as the match bonuses, for example. This bonus is more there to get players interested in trying out the casino. If you then approve of the casino, the likelihood that you will deposit money into the casino is higher.

8. Loyalty bonus

Many casinos also reward their members with a loyalty bonus if they have already been a member of the casino for a certain period of time, have deposited certain amounts of money or have reached certain online gambling levels.

This should motivate players to stay on the ball and show them appreciation. This loyalty bonus is different in every casino. However, most of the time, players receive bonuses in the form of game credits, free spins, or a match bonus for their next deposit.

9. High roller bonus

The budget that every player has of course varies from player to player, and some inevitably bet a lot more money than others. Those who frequently wager particularly large sums of money during a single session are known as high rollers.

High-spending players are then often given preferential treatment in casinos as part of VIP programs. These players are then often considered VIP players to receive lots of bonuses and promotions ideally suited to their high-risk lifestyle. These are mostly customized promotions and bonuses, first-time access to new online casino games, special tournaments that are not open to standard players, and invitations to events worldwide. These are all good reasons to get an instant high roller at an online casino.

10. Online casino bonus codes

As already mentioned, loyalty is well rewarded by many casinos; exactly the same goes for referrals. So if you are a fan of your favorite casino, it can really be worth recommending the operator to your friends and relatives.

You will be rewarded with every person the casino wins over you as a new player. You can get different online casino bonuses. For example, you often receive free spins, an extra bonus with a deposit of free money, or test games exclusively first.

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