Rose water has been used for thousands of years due to its health and beauty benefits.  Created by diluting rose petals with steam, it’s often used as an alternative to chemicals in lightly fragranced perfumes and is also regularly used in food, drink, and beauty products.  But why should you use it? In this article, we’re going to take a look at six amazing benefits of rose water that will make you seek it out the next time you go shopping.

1. It Helps with Skin Irritation

Those suffering from skin conditions like rosacea and eczema may find that products containing rose water help to soothe the irritation that accompanies the condition.  Rose water has huge anti-inflammatory properties and has been regularly used for a number of external conditions – as well as internal. Try rose water for your face and check out the benefits.  Not only will it reduce redness and inflammation, but you’ll also experience a range of aromatherapy benefits.  What’s not to love?

2. It Boosts Your Mood

Rose water has a number of anti-depressive and anti-anxiety properties, which make it a great option for those who want to alleviate mild symptoms of depression and anxiety in a natural way.  Studies done on the mental health benefits of rose water have only, so far, been performed on mice. However, it is believed that the calming effects of the water on the central nervous system is what produces the benefits.

3. It Nourishes Your Hair

Rose water has become a popular ingredient in shampoos and other hair products in recent years due to its nourishing properties.  Not only has rose water been proven to increase the rate at which hair grows, but it also helps with conditions like dandruff and mild scalp inflammation.  If you’re looking for a natural hair conditioner, rose water is also an excellent choice. Apply it in the same way as a ‘leave-in’ shampoo for luscious locks that will be the envy of your friends and colleagues.

4. It Slows the Aging Process

The use of chemical-laden beauty products, an unhealthy lifestyle, pollution, stress, and the harmful UV rays of the sun can all lead to your skin looking older than it actually is.  Rather than reach for an expensive anti-aging cream, consider adding rose water to your skin care routine instead. Rose water helps to reduce the aging effect, especially under the eyes and can make your skin look fresh and rejuvenated while lowering the number of wrinkles.  It does this by eliminating the free radicals that are harming your skin.

5. It Helps with Menstrual Pain

Studies performed on the effects of rose water tea have discovered that the product is useful in decreasing the amount of pain felt during menstruation.  While more studies need to be completed, it is likely that this is due to the anti-inflammatory properties that rose water has. This is good news for any woman who suffers from period pains and is especially good news for those in adolescence who don’t want to take birth control medication unnecessarily.

6. It Can Make a Sore Throat Feel Better

Finally, rose water is also beneficial for those suffering from colds accompanied by a sore throat.  Rather than heading to your doctor for an antibiotic prescription, consider using rose water instead.  Research performed in Turkey found that rose water has natural antibiotic properties. Again, while more research does need to be done, there is strong evidence of it working.

Rose water really is a wonder product that can help with many different conditions.

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