Pearl’s are among the world’s oldest and most beautiful gems. They are shrouded in mystery, folk tales, and cultural mythologies. Once a lone symbol of adornment, it was the accessory of the most prestigious people of the society. According to the rules of the Byzantine Empire, no one could own a pearl except the emperor. The Egyptians were buried along with pearls in their graves. Interestingly, in the sixteenth century, England was the “Pearl Age.” With pearls as the status symbol of the high society, it wasn’t until the 20th century that access to pearls became easy.

Retro trends are in vogue, pearls being one of them. They are simple yet elegant. Because of the effortless way they adorn grace, it easily transfers into the one wearing them.

There is not just one single way of wearing a pearl necklace. You can style your pearl necklace any way you want. It’s all about choosing the kind of statement you prefer, subtle or bold. All the while, looking good and making a fashion statement. You can find here more resources.

In case you have always been mesmerized by pearls and have fangirled over royals supporting a classic pearl necklace at night out, or a chunky piece of pearls at a fashion show, you can relate to the seven ways you can style your necklace, listed below.

  1. Old school & Classic style

First is your classic and timeless style of wearing a single strand of a pearl necklace. It is almost as if the pearls are hugging your neckline or somewhat close to it. The first lady’s, royals and lady politicians have adorned a similar style. There is something about simplicity that is unbeatable. Especially if you flaunt it with confidence, it can turn the tables. At the end of the night, you don’t end up wearing the pearls but the pearls wearing you.

  1. The knotted style 

Are you good with knots? If yes, you are safe. Otherwise, you can always ask somebody to lend you a hand. It gets just a bit technical, but I am here to guide you. You wrap the end of your pearl strands around your fingers and make a loop. After that, the other end of the strand passes through the loop, turning it into a knot. It’s almost like the way you knot a regular balloon. You should make sure that the knot is at the very end so that it reaches till your midriff or lies on your chest.

This look is all about giving that extra sass to your pearls. This is your style if you shun the norms. This is your style if you are all about adding more character to your daily look. Don’t be alarmed at the thought of knotting your pearl necklace. As long as it’s a quality piece from an authentic jewelry store, you are in good hands. As a pearl lover, do not stay in the dark and find all about the latest affordable prices on

3. Double layerd style

This is you if you feel like supporting a classic yet fun look. You don’t want the traditional, one strand look, but you also don’t want to be too experimental with multiple strands or a knot. Therefore, the double-layer style is for you. Both strands should be close to each other, but the first one is just a teeny bit shorter than the second to avoid any tangles.

4. Effortless Style

The next way to style your pearl necklace is by simply wearing a single and a long strand of pearls as it dangles down till your midriff. This makes a carefree and chic look. Adorning this style, you are bound to look fashionable and powerful.

5. Multiple strand style

As we move forward, we step away from simplicity and move towards making a bolder statement. Therefore, the next tip is to wear multiple strands around your neck. The first strand is shorter, so that it stays close to your neckline, whereas the second strand goes lower. You can add as many strands as you want, but keep it minimal and don’t go overboard. Make sure that the lower strand comes over your chest and forms a V. This kind of style is for you to pull off a perfect glam look. Feeling like being a little fancy this new year’s? Well, what are you waiting for? Multiple strand style is your way to go.

6. Choker

Back to the classic piece of the ’80s, the “choker way,” it continues to make comebacks. This is where a strand or strands of pearls hug your neck in a close-fitting. This style is promising for adding that extra spice to your look.

7. Statement Piece

It’s all about the DIY (Do it yourself) these days. With this style, you can modify your pearl necklace with an additional accessory. You can personalize your classic piece of pearls with the help of a pearl enhance. By placing it in between your pearls, you can attach all kinds of pendants to it.