Are you looking to replace your old and dilapidated backpack? Are you searching for one that also stands out in terms of style? Then you need a classy backpack! 

There is no question concerning the love affair of Americans and backpacks. From students to professionals, everybody carries one. This led to the backpack manufacturing industry growing $173 million this year.

Though the number may go down because of the current pandemic, it doesn’t change the fact that men, women, and children love backpacks. But with so many options to choose from, how do you pick a stylish backpack that is worth your money?

Continue reading below for some helpful tips in choosing a stylish backpack.

A Classy Backpack with Quality Materials

Whether you’re buying a leather backpack or any backpack for that matter, you must complement the aesthetics with quality materials. Though the quality of materials does not always equate to looking stylish, there are times when the type of materials already merit aesthetic praise.

Hence, it is paramount that you invest in a stylish backpack with quality materials. Ideally, a leather or waxed canvas backpack is a good option. Also, avoid backpacks with cheap-looking plastic.

Instead, go for one that features metal hardware. Metal instantly adds elegance and style. It also works for those who work in a corporate environment, as metal gives a professional vibe.

Furthermore, aim for durability when shopping for backpacks. Invest in one that features water-resistant materials. This is crucial especially if you tend to go outdoors a lot.

The Right Size

The size of the backpack also plays an important role in backpack fashion. Even if you carry a backpack with premium materials, having one in the wrong size will affect your overall look.

Gone are the days when big and bulky backpacks ruled. Today, you can find micro-sized backpacks in various styles. But the bottom line is, you want to pick a size that matches your purpose.

Where do you plan to use your backpack? It is for everyday use or only when you travel?

But if you want to go for a safe choice, pick a medium-sized backpack. They come with the right amount of space for your stuff without making you look awkward. 

If you only carry a few items daily, go for a micro backpack. It combines a chic and trendy look with enough space to carry only your small essentials.


Alongside the size, you need to ensure you’re getting a backpack with notable functionality. In this regard, review all the items that you plan to put inside the backpack.

Do you carry a laptop to school or work? Then find a backpack with a laptop compartment.

Do you bring food to the office? Do you carry extra clothes with you? Do you have a lot of small items like pens and coins?

Consider all these things when deciding.

Also, stick to a backpack that can also function as a carry-on bag. Expandable zippers are also advisable.

Additionally, it must have room for your electronic gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, and power banks.

The Fit

Even if your classy backpack looks stylish, its appeal will diminish if people see that you are struggling to carry it. Hence, invest in a quality backpack that is comfortable to carry around.

For starters, the shoulder straps must have enough padding. As stylish as leather straps or unpadded canvas may seem, they can cause pain and discomfort on your shoulders and back.

They should also be fairly wide. But you don’t want them to drift and slide easily on your shoulders. 

And as we mentioned earlier, go for a backpack that you can use as a carry-on bag. 

The Colors and Design

Buying a stylish backpack is incomplete without touching on the colors and design. As much as you want to stand out with your new backpack, you can do so without looking gaudy. Thus, avoid backpacks with loud colors and designs.

Instead, go for cool backpacks with fresh and edgy looks. Some backpacks come with bright finishes. Others feature sequins, studs, and customizable patches.

But don’t fall into the trap of going for the most eye-catching bag without considering your taste in fashion. At the end of the day, you want to carry a backpack that reflects your style.

Your Budget

Last but not least, create a budget and stick to it as much as you can. Stylish backpacks sometimes come with a steep price tag. Hence, come up with a budget that you will follow to avoid overspending.

And in case you truly like an expensive one, don’t force things. Instead, be patient and save some more until you can afford it.

Backpack Maintenance Tips

Additionally, you need to learn how to keep your backpack in great condition. Backpacks don’t come cheap, so you want to keep them looking fresh and brand new all the time. So how do you take care of your backpack?

For starters, do not overload your backpack. Placing too much stuff inside can stretch and damage the materials.

And even if your backpack is water-resistant, it doesn’t mean you can leave it soaking under the rain every day. You need to treat your backpack as an investment. Clean it regularly but don’t overdo it.

When it comes to the zippers, don’t force them if they won’t open the first time. Sometimes, your clothes get in-between the zipper and its teeth. This causes the zipper to jam.

When it comes to proper handling, don’t carry your backpack with its shoulder straps. Use the straps only if you will carry the bag properly behind your back.

Carrying the shoulder straps will compromise the strength of the straps. Let your back and shoulders carry the weight and not the straps.

Complete That Stylish Look

A classy backpack is a worthy investment. Not only is it functional, but it also contributes to the way you look and carry yourself. But if you wish to complete that stylish look, you need to go beyond a backpack.

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