Pet owners spent over 95 billion dollars on their pets in 2019. With so much money going out to our furry friends, it’s not only cute scarves, and doggy bowls pet owners should be buying them. Pet owners need to help them work on their dog behavior problems as well.

Whether you pay for dog training classes, train them yourself, or do a combo of both, it’s nice to you, your dog, and other people when we get our dogs under control.

Continue reading this article to learn more about common problem behaviors with our dogs and what we can do about it.


We all want to believe good things about our pets, but sometimes they can show aggression when we are least expecting it. Aggression doesn’t mean your dog is attacking someone.

If your dog guards his food bowl, growls at you when you get onto him, or something similar to that — this is aggressive behavior. While it doesn’t seem as bad as a full out attack, it is a sign of dangerous behavior.

To start finding a remedy for this problem, note when your dog shows aggression. You can look at each of these times and figure out what the common denominator is.

Once you know what the underlying problem is, you can help your dog with its fear, frustration, or whatever it is that is causing the problem.


If your dog is barking, it can frustrate your neighbors. Your dog is trying to communicate like a baby crying. They want you to help them with something, but they can’t use their words.

Do you reward your dog when they bark? If you do, they could continue to bark to get your attention and get you to give them what they want.

Instead of rewarding their barking, teach them to give you signals like sitting by their food bowl or by the door when they want to eat or go outside.


If your dog is chewing on your things and tearing things up, it can be very frustrating. Instead of getting frustrated with your dog, get them some chew toys and show them they are a safe zone.

You should also check to see if your dog is bored, frustrated, lonely, or anxious.

Calm Your Pup Naturally

If your dog is upset because you’ve been gone to work all day, they might act out. One of the best ways to keep them from acting out is using things like CBD for dogs with separation anxiety. Helping prevent the problem altogether is the best solution, and calming your dog using natural methods means results without side effects.

Remedy Those Dog Behavior Problems

Now you know more about dog behavior problems, and you can work with your dog to help them become the well-behaved creatures you know they can be. Going on walks, puppy play dates and normal days around the house will be so much more fun with a well-behaved pooch.

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